Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oh my head!

After a few rainy days the weather has gone back to gorgeous.

The sky has been spectacularly blue.  So blue, one or the other of us has a migraine.  Darn it.  The high pressure I suppose.  

Nonetheless, I'm thoroughly enjoying the interesting sky and fall colors.  I took this picture when we came out of BJs yesterday.  My phone just didn't capture the intensity of the dark clouds against the bright sky.

Someone is eyeing up the remains of my dinner.   They have to lay down while we are eating.  No begging at the table!

"Are you absolutely sure that bone on your plate isn't for me?"

Despite the piles of projects around me I have been working hard in The Sandbox.  It's hard to tell sometimes.  :-)  In between talking, screeching, eating, and throwing his toys, Charlie tries to help.  He's teetering on that thin bit of metal on his playstand, getting ready to take a swipe at the quilt I'm working on.

 Almost.....  Just a bit further....


 So this big custom t-shirt quilt is done.

And this coordinating one.  It was even huger so I didn't bother to lay it out.  :-)

I also made myself a jacket from a pattern and fabric I bought at least three years ago at the Mid-Atlantic Quilt Festival.  Yahoo!  A UFO done!!!  Though I'm contemplating adding buttons.  

I finished the "spools" row on the Whistle Stop BOM.  I just have the top applique row and the borders to do now.  My deadline is December 16th so I better get a move on!

Today I pin basted and marked this baby quilt.  I'm hoping to get it ready to bind by tomorrow night.  My headache has eased a bit, so back to work!


Jenny said...

You have been busy, haven't you. The jacket is so pretty too. Hope the heads clear soon, a headache can really drag you down.

Heera said...

I love that new jacket and that baby quilt too.

Lorraine said...

Hope the headache goes away soon! You have been the row by row! Lovely autumn pics!

Bonnie said...

Yeah for a finished jacket! I buy jacket patterns way too often and NEVER make them up. Maybe some day. And, I had planned to make things for baby Sophia ... not happening either. Oh well. The t shirt quilts look great.