Friday, November 18, 2011

Falling down on the job again

I've had a migraine pretty much every day this month so far.  Makes me lazy about posting.  :-)  Anyway....

This is one of Maisy's fave sleeping positions.  My back certainly doesn't twist like that but she's as comfy as could be. 

Charlie has been very talkative lately.  During quiet moments when no one is in the kitchen you can hear him go through his entire repertoire.  His newest trick is calling the dogs' names.  When we are having a dog training session or I make them sit for a treat he often says, "good girl!" before I can.  Even when his mouth is full with his own treat.  (we are an equal treat opportunity household)

My Christmas cactuses bloom at Thanksgiving and Easter.  I'm not sure what that means!  I'm just glad that they bloom at all.  :-)

This was the first leaf pick-up week so last weekend we did some leaf removal.  The house is slowly emerging from behind the trees.  The day after all of our work the maple trees in the center dropped the rest of their leaves.  The big oak on the right will hang onto it's leaves almost into January.

We have a very narrow frontage and if we don't block the mailbox or the driveway we have almost no place to pile leaves.  So we go vertical.  :-)  And managed to impress one of the young neighborhood boys with our "huge" pile.  

The Tramp used the blower and I raked.  In between I messed with the camera.  There just wasn't a bad view of the pond that day.  The water was like glass.

Color, color, and more color.

I love the layers of color.

So of course the view from my sewing machine is easy on the eyes.  :-)

This week I finished two t-shirt quilts

This one was huge.  It's a fun one.  All the shirts are motocross with lots of bright colors.

I love the wheel fabric Julianne found for the inner border.  How perfect!

Look at that.  Quartered it nearly covers a queen size bed.  

So that's about it.  I've got a charity quilt partially quilted.  A baby quilt partially bound.  A gift made for my secret pal, and two more t-shirt quilts to get done by Monday.  I think I need a good night's sleep!  :-)


MrsC said...

Hi Katie, I saw your post on Romany Quilting and was tickled to 'meet' someone from the OTHER Capital Quilters! :) Love your t-shirt quilts too. A friend of mine recently returned to Missouri from NZ is making one and she i stuck on how to go about it, I shall send her a link to this to reinspire her!

Lorraine said...

wow...for someone who has been struck down with migraines you have been very productive - I have just gone to work and stitched for my secret santa swap....I would be very proud of that leaf pile...what happens to them now? Love your pics.....autumn is such a pretty time of year! We had our first hot/windy/dusty pre-summer day last week.....thankfully it was just one not a fan! I am sure there will be more to come though.

Heera said...

Charlie is so funny. I am so sorry to hear about your migraines. Hope you feel better soon.