Friday, October 28, 2011

A little bit of this and that

Brrrrr.  Today was dreary, dark and cold and we have a freeze watch for tonight.  It was supposed to rain but nothing much happened.  At least we aren't in the path of the coming October snowstorm!  (waving to friends and family in New Jersey) Yeesh! 

I took this picture yesterday while I was sewing.  It was gorgeous.  The last beautiful, breezy, warm day I think.  Windows open, curtains blowing, leaves fluttering down.  Sigh.  Actually, if there wasn't a screen on that window I would have had leaves scattered all across the sewing table!

I was working on another t-shirt quilt, this time with polka-dot sashing!  I confess it made me a bit cross-eyed.  :-)

Charlie and the stereo keep me company.

While the dogs patiently (or not) wait for Charlie to toss them his leavings.  :-)

I finished the quilt top today.  I wasn't sure about the polka-dots, but it looks pretty good all put together.

The Sailor Son took Grands #1 and #2 fishing and I snagged a couple of photos off of Facebook.  Aren't they the cutest, lounging in their chairs with their feet up on the railing!

Stardust had her six-month photo session.  Perfect for melting a grandmotherly heart.  

The Tramp and I took the dogs for a morning walk.  It's getting more colorful around the pond everyday.

That's our house peeking from between the trees.  Even taking down the three persimmon trees won't make much of a dent in the greenery.

A warm sunny lunchtime on the back porch.  Maisy just sat there for a while like that, contemplating her navel.  The camera noise didn't even disturb her.

I took the opportunity to give them all a good brushing.  Sigh.  We love them because they're furry.  Right????

No Ngaire.  You don't get to share my grilled cheese.

LOL  Vampire Dog!


Lynn said...

I like the polkadots on the teeshirt quilt. I love the picture of Stardust, really so cute! I'm forced to go out this morning, otherwise I'd spend all day next to the woodstove.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I've seen the pictures this morning from the snow! Hope you are not affected