Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Gnashing of teeth....

Arrrrgghhhh!  I'm trying.  Really!  OS10 Lion is going to be the death of me.  I was indeed gnashing my teeth just now at the lousy scroll bar.  No manner of poking, clicking or dragging could get me to the top of the page.  This was just after I was thwarted by the email function in iPhoto....which has been rendered almost useless in this update, sigh.  Every time I enter an email address, poof, it disappears!  Sheesh.  I really hope they fix this stuff before I gnash my fillings out.  On a brighter note, we have mostly figured out iCloud.  At least what I figured out for me personally, is that it's just too darned much trouble.   So I've mostly turned it off.  Ahhhhh.  Peace.

Of course this doesn't change the fact that I'd buy Apple stock in a heartbeat.....if I had a spare dollar or hundred two.  They've sold millions of the new iPhones already, set an all-time record (for a quarter) for Mac and iPad sales, and as usual have met and exceeded their self-predicted numbers in the stock market with their highest September quarter revenue and earnings ever.  Truly amazing.

(Usual abrupt change of subject......)

I finished all the stitching around the applique on the Whistle Stop BOM.  Woot!!  I've put the row on the quilt and am ready to start the next row.  It's pretty!  I'm very pleased with it.

(Oh dear.  Camera shadow.)

I have several t-shirt quilts in the works for Patchwork Memories.  This is another really big one.  I love my Bernina, but every day I'm grateful I have the Juki for working on these big, heavy quilt tops.  I'm also eternally grateful to Mom for gifting me her Horn of America Quilter's Dream table. 

Without the extensions on the front and back of the table I don't know how I'd wrestle these tops into submission.  Thanks Mom!

Something has to save my teeth from abuse.  :-) 


beaquilter said...

that BOM quilt looks great, are you in apex? I'm in pittsboro, have I seen you at pine tree guild meeting?

Heera said...

Your BOM quilt looks amazing.