Thursday, June 5, 2008


Last weekend I went on a quilting retreat under the auspices of the Karolina Kwilters. I think I've recovered. Maybe...possibly....nope. :-) Non-stop talking, little sleep and lots of food chocolate has to be recovered from when you get to my age...sigh. :-D

As an aside....there are lots of teen-aged House Finches right in front of my nose fighting over the window feeder. You can just tell they are juvenile by their look and their behavior. The mom in me wants to smack them all and make them get along! Awwwww Mom....they're my buddies! (Uh-oh. I'm going around the bend.)

Anywaaaaaay...back to our regularly scheduled posting. The retreat was wonderful. "D", our host, was fantastic. Even her hubby got involved carrying our stuff, grilling dinner, calling our bingo games and being generally charming. Four of us slept over and two more came for the day on Saturday. We sewed, ate, played quilty games, sewed, ate, showed and telled, sewed, ate, visited a really nice LQS, sewed, ate, watched the PBS documentary "A Century of Quilts: America in Cloth", sewed, ate and sewed some more. There was lots of talk about hubbies, parents, kids, ex spouses, travel, homes, sewing and everything else you can think of. Very very nice. We all became instant friends.

Nice house. And it's supposed to be for sale soon!

Nice dogs too! Very well behaved. There were four of them. I only have pics of the greyhounds. Lovely dogs.

The yard backs up to Tanglewood Park. A peaceful and perfect setting.

I bunked out in the RV. :-)

And we did sew! I worked on my Orange Crush part 5 and a wedding signature quilt. "G" and "ME" started and finished whole quilt tops! Dang! "M" and I had our Featherweights with us. "C" was so charmed by them she got right on eBay and bought one! Right there...on the retreat. LOL Then a few of us took a little side trip to a neighbor's house and "MA" bought a practically new mid-arm machine and frame. There must have been something in the water. Geez!

The whole room was a mess of extension cords and fabric. :-)

My pictures aren't good. It looks darker than it was. What a great living room with space for seven people to sew.

Hi everybody! *waves to my new friends* Thanks for the great time.


meggie said...

A little envious here, of your wonderful time! So glad you had a great time.

Nancy said...

Oh I am so jealous of your retreat. Will you adopt me? My parents live in Raleigh, does that count? How much fun you must have had. What a treat!.