Monday, March 31, 2008

Rainy Weekend

Rain! Always good after a year of drought. Not so good for men up in trees though. We were having the big pecan tree taken down on Saturday but they had to quit when the rain started. Weather Underground says the only non rainy day this week is Wednesday so I guess I'll plan on them coming back then. They have to! LOL We have all their equipment!

So we have half a tree. You can see why we don't like it looming over the house. It's big.

The indoor project of the weekend was altering my sewing table so the machine will sit flush. It's an old old Ikea desk so we figured the worst that could happen is I'd need a shiny new sewing table!

And it worked! The Tramp was was in power tool heaven. LOL Mom treated me to the Horn of America insert.

The tricky part was leveling the shelf underneath. Of course I painted it purple.

It also makes a great shelf for bobbin boxes, scissors and stuff. :-) Very cool. *happy sigh*

Look at that! So clean and neat!

Not for long. Pretty soon it'll match the rest of the room! Darn....I think I better take an hour or so today to clean up.

I made new leaders for the frame and installed a Grace Sure Stitch (stitch regulator) I bought used. Now I have even more wires to contend with! But I put the quilt for mom back on the frame and I hope to finish it today.

I have all my fabrics chosen and waiting to start the Orange Crush mystery quilt. There are now 1500 people in the Yahoo Group waiting somewhat impatiently to start. I wonder if Bonnie had any clue what she was getting into! LOL Fame is an amazing thing.

And my dog photo of the day. Beats me how she can possibly be comfortable, but she'll hang out like that, by The Tramp's desk for hours in the evening. Nutty dog.


Debbi said...

Nice job on making the inset for your sewing machine! Looking at your pictures of your frame set up, I see you have about as much room as I do. Like your OC fabrics, they will be cheerful.

meggie said...

Wow that inset is a good idea, I had never seen that before.
Ngaire is a faithful dog. Guess she figures any pose is good if it near her beloveds.

“Old World Goodies” said...

Wonderfull idea and yes it looks great, very nice set up ....
I guess you working so hard that Ngaire is that tired can be funny that way.....wonder about cats how then can lay like that

Amanda said...

We're hoping to move this year, and I am DETERMINED to have a sewing room. Can't wait to start to get it organised. At least you can get pictures of your dog - my cat can smell the camera coming out of its case!

Ginger Patches said...

You have the sewing machine I want!!! And that table is perfect, that tramp is a keeper huh? :)

newquilterV said...

Hi - can you tell me more about the "leaders" that you made? Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Great idea for the inset. How did you attach the shelf underneath to your desk?

Anonymous said...

Great idea for the inset. How did you attach the shelf underneath to your desk?

Mary-Kate said...

Hi Katie!
You and the Tramp made a terrific job of that sewing-machine table.
My very own Tramp (known as 'The Bear') has used your instructions to make something very similar.
At the moment though, it is no way as great as yours - because the machine just sits on the lower shelf, wedged in the hole - but not quite level with the table surface.
It really needs a Horn insert and maybe a bigger hole cut to finish it off.
I have a Singer Confidence 7470 machine and know that Horn UK could cut me an insert to fit around it -but the thing is, I just don't know what external dimensions to ask for!
Would you mind telling me the measurements of the hole that the Tramp cut into the table? I would be most grateful if you could.
Thank you so much for inspiring us - with your marvellous ideas!
Kindest regards,
Mary-Kate (in England)