Friday, July 27, 2007

Yellow walls???

I just said in the last post that the yellow walls behind my quilt would be around for a while. NOT. I suddenly had a vision for the room and decided to start painting. Well. I'm on my fourth color and I'm still not really happy. There isn't any natural light so it's really hard. I need to make sure all of the lights have daylight bulbs.

The real success for this week was the purchase of a Hoover SteamVac. Wow. The white Berber carpet in the front room wasn't white anymore, especially the path between the front door and the hallway. I'm not at all surprised by how dirty the carpet was, it's old and well used. I'm just blown away by how clean the Hoover was able to make it! It was just like the TV commercials, a clear demarcation between the clean part and the yet to be cleaned part. It doesn't look like new but it's pretty darned clean and doesn't need to be replaced for now. :)

Can you see the still dirty section at the bottom of the picture?

Pushing the machine is really hard work. My arms and hands were aching when I finished. But as I could see the results I was practically dancing while I worked! LOL Almost the same instant gratification as painting the walls! Not a bad way to spend a few hours.

Now if I could just feel good about the new painting project.....

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Anina said...

I have a Steamvac too, and love it!