Tuesday, July 10, 2007

I'm done, I'm done, I'm done *happy dance*

I have finally finished the master bedroom, master bath (mostly) and my dressing room...the bedroom that's so small it's not useful as a bedroom. All three rooms are the same shade of pink. (The Tramp's favorite color is pink.) I bought Simply Shabby Chic curtains at Target when they were on sale. They look fine but they sure are shabby quality control. One panel was about 4 inches shorter than all the others! I also got the white crochet lace ones for the guest room. One panel was hugely scented. Some kind of fake rose sachet scent. AWFUL. I had to take them down and wash them before I could go back in the room! And they shrunk about 4 inches. But this time it was a good thing since it means they are above the A/C vents now. Except of course the one that is hemmed way crooked. Sheesh. And they aren't particularly cheap either.

All my rabbits are out of their packing box finally. :)

The previous owner had installed a mega shelving unit on one side of the room, which is what makes it so small. The curtains (as of yet un-ironed) we got at Ikea two houses ago and I'm glad to be able to use them again to hide the shelving.

I'm also glad to have a place to hang my pretty plates. They match the curtains! When the Ex and I received them as a wedding present over 30 years ago there were six of them. In the last move three of them broke. :(

It's a dark photo, but you get the idea. No place for a bed here.

Someone is really liking a room empty of boxes! This is the new carpet. I love the color, it's called Napa Valley. It's dark, because the Stealth Dog leaves a black shadow wherever she lies down. I can see all the bits of fluff and paper left over from my unpacking. I think I'd better go vacuum!

The next challenge.....the guest room. Freshly painted and curtained, but full of boxes and furniture to reassemble.

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