Thursday, June 1, 2023

Wow. Posting again!

Today is a nice day…despite the clouds, and some surprise rain between the sunny bits.  The mail brought two items from Etsy I’ve been waiting for.   Hardware from Emmaline Bags so I can make a new duffle bag for my dance shoes.

And wool blend felt from EpicureanBoutique.  I bought several bundles of felt from her in March at our quilt show.  However two bundles weren’t enough for my project so I had to order a third.

My intention was to sew up Wilhelmina the Wood Mouse while on the Zoom party with Chooky Blue and friends last Friday.  Winnie was going to be one arm short, hence the third bundle of felt.  It’s all good though, I’ll have plenty of felt for some of the other creatures in the series.

So instead I started another Luna.  White this time.  I had luckily just picked up a remanent of wool felt at JoAnn’s. 😊

Other sewing for this week includes a pair of white jeans.  I’ve made many pairs of blue or black, but how boring is that!  So white it is.  

I’ve also been making some very simple lightweight shirts to wear to dance classes.  A nice quick sew.  Today I wore the purple one.  Aren’t my instructors young and handsome!  One of their talents (this goes for all the instructors) is making their students look good on the dance floor.  I’m not sure they make me feel young, but they sure don’t make me feel old.  

And a black shirt.  (Photo grabbed from a video of the Tuesday group class)

Most mornings are taken up by long walks with June.  An hour or more anyway.  I dress to be seen.  We don’t have sidewalks everywhere so neon colors are a way to keep safe.  My “utility belt” holds treats for June, poop bags, bags of poop, and my phone.  I have to slide the pouch with the poop around to my back to keep the smell behind me.  😁

Yesterday was lovely, but a little hot when the clouds parted.

Some sidewalks are more accessible than others.  We opted to walk in the street at this location.  Not only was I going to have to duck, but poison ivy is rampant and I try to steer June away from anything that looks like it! 😳

This looks like a lovely country lane, but there are busy roads at both ends.  

This is the busy and loud road at one end of that road.  This part is fine, with a barrier between me and the cars and trucks whizzing by.

This part of the sidewalk is a little scarier.  

Today I took more notice of these trees in several places in the median.  They have interesting shapes and my thought when they caught my eye is they look a bit like an art installation.  Click on the pictures to make them larger and you will see what I mean. 

Another nice quiet street….unless you are being followed by a noisy recycling/garbage truck.  😏

Besides keeping June out of the poison ivy, we have to avoid the fire ant mounds.  There are lots of them on this street.  Yuck!

And I leave you with a short video of June.  She likes to stand under this little Japanese maple in the back yard.  Sometimes I see her walking very slowly back and forth underneath it, placing each foot very carefully.  I guess she likes the feel of the branches on her back.  One of these days I hope to sneak a better video.  

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loulee said...

Lovely to see your morning walk.