Saturday, January 5, 2019


Just a few photos to catch up with 2018 before moving on into 2019.  :-)

I finished a quilt called Happy Wanderer.  The pattern is by Victoria Findlay Wolfe.  I made it for the 2018 Cary Quilting Company challenge.  It was a bit mind boggling to put together as there are no blocks, you make it in four columns.  Lots of partial seams to keep sorted.

I made an apron for my partner in our guild's apron exchange and received a very pretty one I should really take a picture of.

I made a couple of these cute pin keeps as gifts.  Isn't she a hoot!

I finished a weighted blanket for The Tramp.

I made one Rare Bear and sent it in.  I have what I need to make some more.

I made a new cover for my Quilter's Planner.

While hunkered down for a hurricane I did a bit of fun fusible applique.  It's still waiting for stitching around the shapes.  I used scraps for the border and those wonky polka dots are bothering me so I think I need to redo it.

Dog beds received new covers.

The Viking lost his first tooth and a monster tooth fairy pillow seemed appropriate.

Online I saw someone making a quilt out of this panel and I just had to make one for my dad for Christmas.  This is before quilting.  I need to take a final photo!

I started the Bonnie Hunter mystery quilt at Thanksgiving, but put it aside to do my Christmas sewing.  The mystery reveal came this week and I may rethink my color scheme before I go any further.  Maybe....

Another pin keep.

A Make Me Up Before You Go-Go bag from Dog Under My Desk.

And the Bigger On The Inside backpack from the same designer.

And a Zip And Go for a friend, also from Dog Under My Desk.

I got together for a sew day with a friend to make these Aneela Hoey Box Pouches.  Mine is on the right.  Nice, but I think it needs a handle for practicality.  I have to figure out how to add one.

Two more Stand and Stow tote bags.  I love them!

And a Sammy Bag also from Dog Under My Desk.  Piglet just isn't sure about riding in a bag.  :-)

And one more project from, you guessed it, Dog Under My Desk.  I made six denim Outta Time Totes.  One for me and the others for my bee members.  It was a good opportunity to go crazy trying out quilting designs.

I made a small quilt for Precious using hand-dyed fabrics.  When I washed it after it was done I discovered the fabrics were running badly.  Yikes!  Three hours of soaking in water with Dawn liquid saved the quilt.  Yay!

Problem is, I used those fabrics in my Honey Pot Bee blocks.  It took a whole weekend to soak all of my hand-dyed and batik fabrics.  The color that came out of them was amazing!  I still have to soak some of the blocks I made before I realized I had a problem, about a dozen I think.  Then I can put this top of random blocks together.  I'm looking forward to the challenge.

On a day off from school, The Viking had fun in my scrap bins.  He spotted the off-cuts from the bat block and I sewed two of the strips together so he could wear them with his blue sequined fedora.  Too fun!!

He also begged me to make him a peep (this is what happens when you leave random patterns out on your sewing tables for people to find!) and he chose the fabric out of my fleece bin.

I used Molli Sparkles' Diva's Alphabet to make a sign for Stardust's room.  You won't mind if I don't share it here as it has her real name on it.  Sadly, I can't link you to the alphabet pattern as Craftsy has taken down so many designer's patterns.  Craftsy has a perfect right to do as they wish with their website, but my understanding is the designers were given only a few days notice and it was over the Christmas holiday as well.  Kind of thoughtless, towards both the pattern designers and the cutsomers.  Too bad.

The Viking wanted to be an M&M for Halloween.  "A blue one, Nini!"  The costume garnered lots of attention.  :-)

Precious turned one in December.  We did our best to make it special.  

ED made the "smash cake" and took lots of photos which I haven't seen yet.  I grabbed this one over her shoulder.  I have funny videos of everyone encouraging her to get messy, including The Sailor Son crawling around on the floor demonstrating the smashing technique.  Too funny.  Even funnier was how she picked up the pieces and tried to put the cake back together!

 Mom and Dad are not getting any younger, but are happy and healthy which is such a blessing.

And we got to see Five and Batman for the first time in quite a while.  What a treat it was, and how much they've grown!

Just had to throw in this photo because of the Christmas cheer and the cuteness factor.  One of those Kodak moments.

Now on to 2019.  This is the treasure we picked up on New Year's Eve.  It's a 1952 Singer 301, complete with a spinet cabinet and matching stool.  A fabulous find on Craigslist.  I'm not sure how I got to it first, but I'm soooo happy.  Both machine and cabinet need work, a challenge, but fun as well.

Tomorrow we put away all the Christmas stuff, then back to normalcy.  Whatever that is......


Jenny said...

So nice to read blog your blog, I was hoping that you would start blogging again. Welcome back to blog land. Love all your projects, especially the fancy denim bags with the fabulous machine quilting.

Janice said...

What a lovely catchup post. Jyouve been very productive and I admire your ability to make The Viking’s wishes become a reality.