Saturday, May 27, 2017

Hi!  Here I am.

Oh good grief!  I finally get around to this and my keyboard quits.  Sigh.

Ok.  I'm back.  Struggling with a non ergonomic keyboard.  Technology has not been my friend lately.  The phone had to be replaced (thank you Apple Care!), the new headphones died too, then the mouse, and now the keyboard.  Sheesh.  Mercury Retrograde is over!  We won't mention the other things currently wrong with my computer.  Send The Tramp a sympathy card.

Ok.  What's been happening.  Sewing has been good.  That kind of tech has been working....thank goodness.  I had a deadline to finish my round robin quilt before the North Carolina Quilt Symposium last week.  I decided I "needed" a suspension system for managing the bulk of my quilts while quilting. Some PVC pipe, bungee cords, clamps and a handy hubby made it happen.....not that either of us really knew "how" to make one.

How high to make it was the first question.  Why the height of the handy shelf of course.  :-)  I've since bought more components to add to it, which is one of tomorrow's projects.

It turned out to be quite a marathon, but I did get the quilting finished, and blocked, bound and labeled the quilt just in time for the entry deadline.  Oh, and got additional labels and hanging sleeves on the three other entries as well.

And it made it to the quilt show.

Here are the four of us Quilting Babes with our round robin quilts.

I made the second border (the Carolina lilies) on Dawn's quilt.  I love how she wore a shirt to match her quilt.  lol

I also entered my Chain Reaction quilt.

And it was so nice to see En Provence hung!  It's too big to get a decent photo at home.

 I did get an honorable mention for the Random Roses table runner.

I made the blue and green ribbon border on Anne's quilt.  Her quilting was wonderful and she got a ribbon. :-)

I added the colorful outer border to Kathie's quilt.  Just as colorful as she is.  :-)  It was a fun challenge.  We have a new challenge planned for next year.  Stay tuned.

I took a Foundation-less New York Beauty quilt class with Jane Godshall.  Now I understand the technique I can't wait to make some more blocks.

I had a class with Vickie Clontz making wool bead earrings.  So much fun!

They matched my apron!

I also had a fun class with Laura Wasilowski making embroidered landscapes, but I have nothing to show yet.

The challenge for this week was getting this quilt top together so Mom can applique the stars on the border.  It's in her hands for now.  This is the third "eagle quilt."  You can see quilt number one in the photo above hanging on my fireplace.  Quilt number two was donated.

I'm still having fun with the boy.  On this day I had bought a balsa wood glider for him.  We discussed the concept of gliders vs powered airplanes in the car on the way home.  At home I dragged a chair over so he could examine the spectacular photo on our dining room wall of one of The Tramp's friends piloting a glider in New Zealand.  With glider in hand, The Viking examined it very closely trying to see the face of the pilot.  A sweet moment.  :-)


Chookyblue...... said...

Glad you got the quilting done..... Lovely quilts in the show.... Looks like you had fun while there.....

Jenny said...

The Round Robin quilts all look great, and seems you had a wonderful time at the quilt show.
So nice to catch up with your happenings again.