Saturday, March 25, 2017

Yum and Yuck (sort of)

Just catching up with a few photos, kind of in order.  Sometimes I come up with a theme when I'm typing.  Yum and yuck is reaching a bit though.  Heh.

This month Bernina had a 25% off special on presser feet.  Yum!  I had watched a video on binding a quilt with the #71 Run and Fell foot.  I mentioned it at bee and Cathy was able to loan me hers to try out.  It works great, so I took advantage of the sale, and with practice I'll know what adjustments to make depending upon quilt sandwich thickness etc.

This sandwich was a bit thick and firm so I struggled a bit and only one of the corners is what I would call well done.

But it looks just fine when you are galloping by on your horse.  ;-)

I also made three more blocks for the Honey Pot Bee sampler.  The foundation pieced envelope blocks look simple, but were a bit of a challenge to put together.  I also made it harder for myself by printing song lyrics and a poem on fabric.  It was tricky to line everything up just so.

This is the "echo" block.  I decided using pink and purple would represent the yin and yang of The Tramp's and my favorite colors.

It's yummy colorful!

I take The Viking for a swimming lesson once a week.  He was thrilled with his new "'merican flag bathing suit."  "I love it because blue is my favorite color, Nini!"  At the same time we found a matching backpack on clearance to use as his own "gym bag."

I finished the biscornu I was working on as a swap gift for the March guild meeting.  I added a few crystals for sparkle and the recipient was very pleased.  I added a gift bag with chocolate and pretty pins.  Oops.  I didn't take a photo of my pincushion and gift bag which also included some pins and yummy chocolate.  The next swap is tote bags.  I can't wait.

We've had a bit of yucky cold weather interspersed with the warm spring days and this is what Maisy thinks of the cold.  :-)

The geese layed at least five eggs in a nest at the foot of our driveway.  Sadly a fox (we are guessing) thought the eggs were yummy and the nest is no more.  We've put some rocks in it's place to discourage them from re-nesting in the same spot.  It was kind of yucky being attacked by large and outraged geese each time I went to the mailbox!

We had several nights of below freezing weather which killed the flowers on many of the azaleas and has also killed the new leaves on several shrubs and trees.  Yuck.  I'm hoping they survive.

A St. Patrick's Day photo of Stardust in her yummy greens.  :-)

The Evil Step-Daughter in New Zealand has been busy working on a gift quilt.  She does amazing work, even with small children and large dogs underfoot.  Just fabulous.

The Sit-Down Free Motion quilter's Facebook group has a free-motion sampler tutorial and I've done my practice and filled in the first square.  Not bad.

 The Viking and I stopped at McDonalds one day this week while we were rushing around doing errands.  He saw some children at another table wearing their Happy Meal boxes as hats and glasses so he had to try it.  He also continues to enjoy dipping his apple slices in ketchup.  YUCK.

 I ordered some more Valdani pearl cottons for my BOM chicken project.  Yum!

 Some beautiful days have prompted walks with the dogs.

The pond is looking brown and yucky from the recent rains and scummy from all the pollen.  The dam end has been eroding at a newly alarming rate and a lake and pond management company has been contracted to fix the problem.  The narrow strip between the water and the expensive new road is quite squishy and large chunks of the bank fall into the pond after each rain.

Yesterday I was startled by the dogs barking frantically at the back door, rather than at neighbors, cars, delivery trucks, dog walkers and what-have-you out the front window.  Luckily I spotted the doe on the other side of the fence before I opened the door.  I hate to think what Crazy Maisy would have done to herself if she'd tried to go over the fence.  I know there are deer everywhere, but this is the first time I've actually seen one in this neighborhood.

The last jeans I made are wearing out so I'm making four new pairs for the summer.  The Bernina was giving me fits yesterday with the thick topstitching thread and it took me all day to get it sorted to our (mine and the machine's) satisfaction.  Yuck.  The serger was a trooper through it all and worked like a charm.  Yay!  Something had to go well.  That stripe fabric was making me dizzy too.  It was nice to move on to a grey pair.  Now for the black and the blue ones.

The Sailor Son flew out to California to his gal's graduation at Travis AFB.

They are now sending us scenic selfies from their drive across the United States to Virginia.  This is Hoover Dam.  They hope to be here by Wednesday.  I can't wait!

Oh dear.  That means I better finish up this sewing and then clean house!!!  Yuck!


Jenny said...

Wow -making jeans is impressive! Not just one pair, but four! Love the photo of the new McDonald hat, that boy is priceless!

Maria said...

Hi Kate,
Just love reading your post and seeing what's happening at your's always sew busy...
That foot for the Bernina looks great, would make binding sew much easier.
You are doing really well with the FMQ and I'm impressed , like Jenny, that you make your own jeans..
The Viking keeps you on your toes..
Love Maisy tucked up in the small bed....