Wednesday, January 11, 2017


Freedom from the house.  Finally.  Except for a short jaunt yesterday afternoon for a few groceries we hadn't been out of the house since Friday afternoon.  Can you say cabin fever?  The weather has turned spring-like.  The university was back to normal this morning so The Tramp went off to work.  Much to her disgust, ED's office was still closed so she and The Viking came up to town today and we amused ourselves by going out for lunch and a bit of shopping, and a visit to Nanny and Papa.

By last night I had the center of my En Provence quilt put together.  Now I'm working on the borders.  Decisions will need to be made soon as I want to make it larger to fit my bed.  I have an idea in my head, but I've no idea if it's executable.  Other ideas are percolating as well.

Well dang!  I just this moment looked across the room at the quilt top and spotted a mistake.  Easy to fix thank goodness.  I hopped up to put a safety pin in the place to mark it.  In a day or so I should turn it over so I can see the bottom rows clearly and maybe I'll spot something else.  Hmmmmmm.  Better yet.  I should just show it to my dad and he'll spot my mistakes right away.  No excuses with Dad around!  :-D

For Christmas, The Tramp gifted me this book which was on my wish list.  My Luna Lapin is in progress.  I'm very pleased with her head and am auditioning buttons for the eyes.  The inner ear and footpads on the Luna in the book are lovely Liberty prints.  She has blue coat and tweed skirt with lace knickers.  My Luna is going to be less demure and more mod.  In theory at least. :-)

Tomorrow The Viking and I will be out stretching our legs at the fitness club.  He loves the dance, gymnastics and yoga classes in the Kids Academy and I will go upstairs and sweat it out with the exercise equipment.  Tomorrow afternoon will be all about baking.  Yes, it will involve chocolate.  ;-)  So I'd better sweat a lot!!  lol


Anonymous said...

Hi Katie ,glad you had a lovely time out of the house.
Wow i think your quilt is amazing,great colours.
Oh my that book is awesome and the bunny so cute,enjoy stitching her my friend xx

Tine said...

Oh the bunny is cute!! And your quilt is beautiful - I guess staying in for a few days is not all bad? ;-)