Tuesday, December 6, 2016


Nothing particularly exciting to report since the other day, though I did have the privilege of watching a fox trot along the road then stroll up our driveway and disappear through the neighbor's yard.  I know they are around, we just don't see them very often and this was my first photo op!

This is the progress on my La Passacaglia quilt.  Not much.  It's definitely one of those "in slow progress" projects.  A bit of a mishmash so far.  It's going to be interesting to see it come together.....and how many rosettes I decide to make over.  :-)

I love the honeycomb fabric, but it doesn't look like much until you get up close.  There is quite a fabric selection learning curve with this design so I'm taking an "anything goes" attitude.....until the OCD portion of my brain kicks in.  ;-)

I finished step 1 of the En Provence mystery quilt.  Step 2 is pretty much done as well.  Just need to finish ironing the blocks.

Today The Viking and I stayed at home with upset stomachs.  We both felt better as the day progressed, thank goodness for that.  He was thrilled when I gave him my worn out Machingers quilting gloves, or "glubs" as he says.

I also decided to get busy and quilt his little fabric collage.  He chose all the fabrics, from the store and my scrap bin.  I took him to JoAnn's to pick out four fat quarters.  No hesitation.  He went right for the lavender background, an orange print to cut up, and picked a yellow and green for the back and binding.  I had several colors of tulle to choose from for laying over the top and he was adamant about using the lavender.  He chose a bright lime green thread out of the drawer and I went to work.

He was quite pleased with his "quilt," though not nearly as excited as he was about the old "quilting glubs" and an odd piece of batting ("It's so soft, Nini!") that was put to use as a sheet ("It's not a blanket because it is white, Nini!") for his dinosaur.  :-D


Jenny said...

How exciting - a fox! We don't have them here, of course. Do the dogs go crazy when they see/smell a fox?

Janice said...

You certainly have been busy with your quilt. I love you the look of joy on the Viking's face with his quilt and glubs

Chookyblue...... said...

I'm tempted by the La P quilt......your is looking great.......I think the more you do the better you become at placing fussy fabric.........bit hard to capture a photo of a fox as they usually take off too quick.......