Saturday, November 5, 2016


I entered my only two actual quilt finishes this year in the North Carolina State Fair and omigosh I won ribbons!  Totally unexpected.  I entered mostly because it felt odd not to.  :-)  My Random Roses table runner was started in Karen Eckmeier's workshop at the North Carolina Quilt Symposium this year.  Karen is absolutely delightful and runs a fabulous class.  I'm very pleased with it and it looks so nice on my dining room table.

Omigosh! I got a third place ribbon for my small Chain Reaction quilt.  The designer, Cathy Kirk, The Quilting Cowgirl, is in my bee and gave us all a "class" in putting the chains together at our retreat back in April.  I really liked the quilt pictured on the pattern cover and was thrilled to have all the scraps on hand to make it.  Silly me.  I don't have a photo of it bound.  :-)

Omigosh a new sewing machine!  I traded in the trusty Juki TL98Q for the newest iteration.   A Juki TL-2200QVP Mini.  I couldn't be more pleased, it's even better than the old one.  I wasn't sure that was possible.

First job was to finish up these gifts for friends.

Stardust and MD.  Her dad captioned this photo, "Stadium Seating."  Too cute!

The Tramp and I voted early.  The Viking came along and stood in line with us.  He earned a badge from a local police officer and a future voter sticker.  We are so worried about the outcome of this election.  Definitely not an omigosh.  :-(

Omigosh it's a jack 'o lantern sandwich!

The boy was a minion for "Happy Halloween.".

It took a couple of days to get all of the yellow off of his face.  :-)

We went to a local park to trick or treat on the very warm Halloween afternoon.  My I look serious.  I think by this time I was hot and my feet hurt!

We also went out to trick or treat in the evening which he enjoyed very much, but the real highlight of the day was the "plumber duck" given out by a local plumbing company at the park.  Omigosh!

Five and Batman were Star Wars characters once again.

And Stardust looked like a lady on a mission as Judy Hopps from Zootopia.

Omigosh!!  We cleaned out the garage last weekend.  The weather has been so warm and pleasant there wasn't any excuse not to.

And when you are finished all that hard work you just can't ignore the call of the brownie mix.  :-)

About once a week I take The Viking to have lunch with Nanny and Papa.  I love this photo of an intense moment in their conversation.

Omigosh.  Poor Dad.  I caught him with his mouth full.

The Viking was delighted that he'd created the Hurricanes logo while dipping his carrots in his puddle of ketchup.

Omigosh!  It's November for goodness sakes!  The rhododendrum bloomed at least three times last winter and seems to be just as confused this year.

While we did yard work today, the dogs enjoyed the sunshine.  Here we have Piglet, happiness filled.

And finally, the real Omigosh.  I've brought the project back out of it's bin and am determined to get on with it.  I have 444 of these tiny four patches to put together (omigosh!).

Which are for these blocks.  Yep.  444 of them.  I must be insane.  But we knew that already.  :-)


Melody said...

Gorgeous quilts, blue ribbons, a new sewing machine, and the cutest little kids...thank you for such a lovely post.

Bonnie said...

Wow! Lots of things going on in your life. Yea for entering and winning at the state fair. OOOhhh a new sewing machine... did you buy it at the fair? I have enough of those little ducks in all sorts of get ups to fill a bath tub. But that plumber duck is too cute. Over the past few years our cherry tree by the deck would bloom off and on all winter depending on how warm it got. Then by spring it would bloom but only on branches it hadn't already bloomed on. This weather is getting down right ridiculous. We have been floating between the high 50s/60s all the way up to 80's over the last few weeks. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Hi Katie your work is amazing and i love the pics of your grandies,i can see you all had so much fun xx

Raewyn said...

Omigosh, a lovely post full of goodness - well done on the ribbon winnings!! Your new machine looks like it conquer all, and you've done some lovely work on it already :-) Nice to see your grandies all dressed up - looks like fun. And naturally I love your Omigosh! Nice to have someone I know out there sewing it with me!