Friday, October 7, 2016

Waiting for Matthew

Lucky for us, Hurricane Matthew is taking a turn away from North Carolina.  There is still much worry about communities along the coast, in several states, but it is possibly not going to be as bad as it could be.  Fingers crossed that's true.  There has been too much devastation in the Caribbean already.  We have been experiencing rain all day today from a front ahead of the hurricane.  The rain from the actual storm should be here by morning and all through tomororw.

These past few days have featured migraine weather for me, but various pharmaceuticals have allowed me to get on with life, including a bit of sewing.  Today I managed to get a set of spiderweb placemats together, and tomorrow while it's raining cats and dogs I hope to get them quilted.  I'm just loving the autumn colors!

Yesterday was The Viking's fourth birthday.  The little bit of blue sky you see here didn't last long, (oh my headache) but he had the best time at this new-to-us park.  As he declared he would be, The Viking was indeed a pirate for his birthday.  What fun to find a "pirate ship" at the park!

There was a very large structure at the "Castle Park" to climb through and over and under, and he just loved it.  More like the parks of my youth, rather than the plastic, metal and cable structures of today.  I'm sure it's way too hot here in the summer as there is absolutely no shade, but on a cool autumn day it's just fabulous.

He made some friends and I enjoyed chatting with the other grandmothers.  (Often I'm the odd person  out wherever we are, so this was a treat.)  Bubbles were shared too.  Thank you other grandmother!  :-)

On the way home we stopped at the cupcake store so he could choose birthday cupcakes.  Well look at that!  I just happened to have a number 4 candle in the kitchen drawer.  He was delighted with it, and with us singing Happy Birthday.

And the spitting on blowing out of the candles was great fun too.

A gluten free cupcake for The Tramp.  "I got you a pink one Grumpy.  Because you like pink."

It makes my teeth hurt to look at all that frosting!  He took most of the cupcake home to finish later.  I'm not surprised.

I managed to catch the "WOW!" moments when he opened his gifts.

His parents and other family members had gotten together to present him with this John Deere tractor.  He is over the moon with it.

Coincidently, storytime this week featured the letter "C" and stories about construction!

So how could we not get him this outfit for his birthday!

We tested it out by strolling around the pond several times walking dogs and he stopped along the way to "fix things."  Much taking out of tools and then stowing them very carefully back in the correct pockets.

At first he walked very slowly and carefully, shuffling his feet.  "I have to walk slow Nini, because I have tools in my pockets."  Too funny!!

Didn't take long for him to relax and ask to be in charge of walking Piglet.  :-)

A very special day.  :-)

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Jenny said...

That's lovely Katie. Your little grandie is growing up fast, pirate, builder, birthday boy, whatever he is, he is having a great time!