Friday, September 30, 2016


Oh!  Wow!  Blogger and Safari have finally decided to play together nicely so I can post without jumping through hoops!  What a nice surprise.  How exciting!  Woot!  For me anyway.

The long summer marched on as one of the most humid on record.  Soooo glad fall is here, even if it's not very cool and dry yet.  At least we're out of the 90s.

So....currently.  We are into pirates.  A very inexpensive trip to the dollar store brought so much joy.  He's Captain Hook and I'm Captain Awesome.  :-D

A trip to Walmart added a hat and sword.  Everyone asks if he is going to be a pirate for Halloween. "NO!" he says. "I'm a pirate for my birthday."

Stardust has recently had some experience being a fairy.  What a lovely idea.  I'm feeling quite sad I wasn't there having my picture taken too.  Crone Fairy.  LOL

In other news, the road around the pond has been completely replaced.  It's fabulous not bumping and splashing through major potholes and crumbling patches.

The recent rains have forced time stuck in the house so one day last week was finger puppet day.  He chose cats.

In the interest of actually finishing something, I dragged out this quilt top I put together a number of years ago.

Scarily, I bought the pattern and fabric back in the early 1990s.  Yikes.

I bought several of the American Legacy patterns and the fat quarter packs over several years at the Bayberry Quilters quilt show in Cape Cod.  I'm assuming it's this store as they offer "Sweet Treats" packaged up like mine are and I remember they were from San Diego.  That was back before you could buy fabric on the internet and shops traveled across country to the smaller quilt shows with RVs loaded to the gills with goodies.  I remember how much my children enjoyed earning a few dollars helping the vendors move their inventory in and out of the venue.  The booth full of Sweet Treats and patterns was particularly popular!

Now.  How to quilt it?  Cross hatching should take care of all of those pinwheels nicely.  I took a workshop with Sue Nickels a couple of years ago and am thinking feathers would be a nice touch in the white borders.  My usual freehand feathers are fun, but I need a challenge so I found the bin with my book and class instructions and started practicing.

Not terrible, but not ready for prime time yet.  :-)

And good grief!  It's raining again.


Chookyblue...... said...

Goodluck finishing your quilt....

Jenny said...

Hello Captain Awesome! I think you must be really awesome if you can quilt feathers - I'm a bit afraid of them. Haven't ever tried though, perhaps I should give it a go.