Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Be glad

Today was an indoor day.  Be glad there is a screen and miles of air and cable between you and me.  The Tramp and I have caught yet another of The Viking's colds.  *cough, cough*  The weather also encourages staying indoors.  It really did feel like 106F at dinner time.

So don't ask me how they are able to relax for a while on hot stone in direct sun.  I can't figure it out.  And I don't think they get why I won't let them stay there for any length of time.

The Viking kept us company today.  I coughed, his nose ran, and The Tramp was quietly miserable.  Despite the discomforts, The Viking happily played with cars and trains and blocks.  This small blue basket is one of the latest things he has "borrowed" from The Sandbox.  Both yesterday and today it was declared to be a hat, not that it actually balances on his head for more than a moment.  He even took his naps with his hat.  As his mother said, he is very fashion forward.  :-D

Sick days are very good for some mindless sewing.  I sat quietly putting together more nine-patches for the Omigosh quilt.  There are about 45 finished blocks in the green bin, some trimmed and ready nine-patches in the center basket, and three baskets piled with patches needing ironing and trimming. The two baskets in the front are the strips still waiting to be sewn into nine-patches.

I need 111 of these blocks and there will be 110 of the churn dash blocks.  I have a loooong way to go.  This evening I took a break from sewing to do some of the ironing.

I asked The Tramp to put "something interesting" on the television as this is somewhat tedious work, and he obliged with one of the sessions from the recent Apple Developers Conference.  Hmmmmm.  Maybe I should have said "entertaining?"  Live and learn.  ;-)

He certainly enjoyed it.  Love you honey.  XXX


Raewyn said...

Ineresting to see what you have been up to Kate... family do keep you busy (last post too) but nice to see you're managing to squeeze some sewing in. Hope those colds go away soon, nothing worse than a cold in summer, I always think, it just doesn't seem right! I love the Ohmygosh quilt, have fun with all those tiny squares!

Bonnie said...

Yikes those squares in that quantity! Hope that cold fades fast. I don't think I'd find anything entertaining about a Mac Developers Conference but I'm glad some folks do. I like new things for the computer though! Hope today finds you sewing some more.