Tuesday, March 31, 2015


Cough, cough, sneeze, blow, gag, cough, cough.  Sigh.  SNEEZE!  Blow.  Yep.  I have a cold.  Not so cheerful.  So it seemed much better to get out of bed before dawn, have a cup of tea and sit at my desk, rather than lay there feeling miserable.  So....  Good morning!  :-)

Very cheering is this fun photo taken by Poyla of his "jailbirds".  I can't believe Stardust is turning four soon. How time flies.

Very cheering is this bright tote bag I whipped up.  Fun Jane Sassamann fabrics given to me by a generous friend.  :-)

For the purpose of holding the 301.  The lining is soft flannel.

I also made a little zipper bag for the small accessories, and then a larger one for the foot pedal and power cord.

Which all fits nicely in this aluminum utility case from Harbor Freight.  The case is an idea I saw on the Vintage Sewing Machines Facebook Group.  It will also fit my Featherweight.  Very cool.

Now this machine and I are just waiting, not so patiently, to go away on retreat together!

Cheerful probably isn't the right word (except for the color!)....how about contentment?  I made this dog bed and it seems to have it's fans.  The comfort loving Piglet.

Crazy Maisy.

And guess who?  

The dog bed waiting to be made I mentioned in the last post is this one.  Cute, huh?  Piglet won't have anything to do with it.

I cannot tell you what a struggle this was to put together.  Foam rubber, fat cording, stiffeners, stuffing.  Just plain odd.

Both beds are from this pattern.  Both were weird to put together.  In fact so weird the pattern is now in the recyle bin.   I tend to get stars in my eyes and purchase materials to make multiples of something that looks cute.  Soooo glad I came to my senses this time!  :-P

Since it was a rainy day yesterday and I was not cheerful company, I took the energetic Viking for a romp in the play area at the mall.  Last time we were there it was all about climbing and sliding.  This time it was all about running.  "Say GO, Nini!"  Except when he discovered he was big enough to climb up on the ink bottle.  We have also discovered pockets.  He eats with a hand in his pocket, struggles to play with at least one hand in his pocket, and seemed to think standing up there required hands in his pockets.  He was also spending quite a bit of time up there captivated by the antics of the shy little girl and mother sitting on the bench near me.  It was very cute to watch.

Looking forward to a cheerful Tuesday.  Gotta start the day thinking positive anyway.  :-)

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