Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Sanity is slowly being restored around here.....if you don't count insurance claims and sick little boys of course.  We did manage to get to the bank yesterday to deposit all of our important papers.  The little man came with us and behaved very well considering he is still somewhat under the weather.  His mother sent me this photo of him watching the cars go by while she got ready for work in the morning.  You know he couldn't have been feeling his usual energy.  :-)

We had similar quiet times on and off during the day and I did manage to get the prep done for a t-shirt quilt.

He cheered up for a while and we had great fun with a chair on the porch.  It's fun watching him work out some of the basic laws of physics.

This morning Mom and I met with one of our quilting bees.  There was lots of laughter as well as heartfelt prayers for those among us that aren't well.  I got out my hexies for another go at my grandmother's flower garden quilt.  I haven't touched it for a long time.  I was constructing it row by row which meant it wasn't portable and I figured I should start working on it flower by flower instead.  Mom watched me struggle awkwardly with the English paper piecing from her seat across the room.  She made us all laugh by asking me what in the world was I doing, and pointing out how I was doing it all wrong and also how to do it properly.  We always listen to Mom.  ;-)

This afternoon was spent on insurance issues and some errands.  When I got back to the Sandbox I realized some laundry needed to be done.  Funny how you don't see stuff for a long time then suddenly it becomes obvious.  I did a double take when I opened the detergent dispenser for my washing machine.  Ewwww.  Where was the black stuff creeping in from?   Well!  When you detatch the dispenser drawer and take it all apart you discover the ugly crud that's been accumulating out of sight for longer than you want to admit, in and under the drawer.  Shudder.  Anyway, it's all clean now and that's what matters.  :-)

That left a few minutes for some basic crochet therapy.  Just some simple cotton dishcloths.  Weird and colorful.

How long will this little obsession last??  :-)

And now I feel like this....

Good night.

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Bonnie said...

Poor little tike. It's no fun feeling under the weather. Glad your getting se sewing done. Maybe with the new hexie strategy you'll find them going faster.