Thursday, November 14, 2013


In the interest of not falling so far we are again!  So what can I say about fall.  Ummmmm.....

Leaves are falling.  Fast.  There were even some snow flurries the other day!

Trying not to fall asleep at the sewing machine this evening.  I finished up this attractive quilt top.  Carolina blue anyone?  :-)

It doesn't help with others falling asleep all around me.  We have the headless dog.

The dead dog.

And the ha ha I'm more comfortable than you dog.

Charlie?  Tell me what I can say about falling in regards to you.  Oh yeah.  Stuff falling on the floor.  That's the way parrots roll.  Sigh.

Newspaper catches some of it.

The dogs hope at least some of it is going to fall to the floor!

Silly dogs.  It's falling on you!

Don't we look pleased with ourself.  Are they your fall guys Charlie?  :-)

In the interest of keeping Charlie busy I've been researching making foraging toys for his cages.  Here he is hanging from his toes finding the Cheerios inbetween the beads.  There are crackers on there too and the little Milk Duds box left over from the pinata fun is stuffed with more goodies.  He's still learning to find stuff so the box is still intact.  Quakers aren't supposed to be the best climbers but he hasn't fallen yet!

 Maisy's morning nap in her sunbeam, though the sun has "fallen" downstairs a bit.   As long as one paw is still in the sun she's happy.

 Last week I started to take this Singer 15-91 apart for cleaning and rewiring.   I'm hoping to fall in love with the process.  We'll see.

The motor and some parts are off and klutzy me is taping the screws to paper so they don't fall to the floor and get lost.  At least they aren't as tiny as the screws on our laptops.  When The Tramp has one of those taken apart I'm afraid to even come into the room!

In the interest of seeing falling numbers on our bathroom scale we've been enjoying brisk walks around the neighborhood.  Yesterday I managed to catch the rising moon as well as the effect of the falling sun.  Lovely colors.  Have to enjoy them while they last!

Now I'm going to fall into bed.  Nite!


Raewyn said...

It looks like you have really great family times when you are all together!! As for Gluten-free baking - yes I can relate to a whole pantry full of the different flours etc etc - a whole new language at times!!! I haven't really tried many gf breads in the breadmaker though - I bet yours didn't taste as wonky as it looks!!

Raewyn said...

Woohoo brave you taking something to bits - that is strictly outside my comfort zone!! I'm still just getting used to you all talking about fall when really it is spring and fun to see your pets getting in on the act! Very clever hiding the treats for Charlie. The colours in your latest t-shirt quilt are lovely - that blue is very nice.