Thursday, February 14, 2013


I'm still not having any luck adding videos here.  Blogger Help is pretty useless.  Oh well.  The video is of Maisy watching the birds.  The masses of finches and pine siskins are flitting back and forth from feeders to ground to trees looking much like a swarm of bees.  Maisy was whimpering at them and walking back and forth between the window feeders with her feet on the windowsill, her tail wagging madly.  Ivy is there just to make sure there are no people, dogs or delivery trucks she needs to keep track of.  :-)

The pine siskins put on quite a show for her.

There are up to 50 of them at a time taking advantage of all the facilities.

I was surprised when this one lone robin showed up.

The three canada geese are here most days, successfully (and noisily) defending "their" pond from other flocks of geese.  Often the mergansers stick close to the larger birds.  When I got my binoculars out for a closer look I realized this one was floating gently around asleep.  :-)

The weather has alternated rainy and sunny.  Which means swings up and down in barometric pressure.  Which means the migraines have been one day on, one day off, one day on......

But even so, quilt tops have been going out the door.

Sunday was another lovely day and we decided to do some work outside.

The dogs lounged on the deck and porch.

While we played with wood and chicken wire.

It isn't quite finished but now we have a three bin composter.  Home Depot (at least ours) has a new policy of selling their culled lumber for 70% off instead of cutting it up and throwing it out.   So much waste!  We think this is a fabulous policy decision.  The 2x4s are somewhat curved and twisted but for this kind of work they are perfect!

The initial applique work on this BOM is finished and now I'm working on adding embellishments.  I've pinned on some wool bits to represent inchworms, butterflies, ladybugs, dragonflies, bees, and a worm.  I'm thinking I need a frog.  But no rush to get it done.

What a mess I make!

Two more quilts tops are finished.  These are a two-sided quilt.  I don't know why, but they both fought me every inch of the way and I was glad to be done and deliver them to Julianne.  And much to my horror I found out today two of the blocks in the grey/yellow one are upside down.  Little blocks, but still!  Grrrrrr.

Two more tops to finish up tomorrow morning and you can be sure I'll be looking at them very closely!

PS  I asked The Tramp what to name this post and he said, "Fred."  So there we are.  :-)


Jenny said...

Hello Feed, I looked on this blog and couldn't find you!
Lovely bird photos, you always take good shots. And you have been very busy too, both inside on quilts and outside as well.

Sue said...

"Fred" I love it! Your weather looks very spring like.

Ivory Spring said...

Oh I do love that applique quilt. And you have certainly been busy with the other quilts.