Sunday, January 13, 2013


So where did I leave things the other day?  Oh yes.  Blacking the stove.  It is now black and I survived the experience.  Heh.

Oh!  And the For Sale sign is now planted in the front yard.  Happy dancing all around The Sandbox, over the dogs and up and down the hallway.  La de dah de dah de dah.  :-)   No link yet on but it should be up by the morning.  (And....there is already some interest.  Shhhhhhh.  We don't want to jinx anything!)

In other news.  Apparently there will be a hockey season.  Certain folks in New Jersey are celebrating.  :-)

And recently received photos show family life looking cozy in New Zealand.  So sweet.

The weather is quite warm and unusually humid for January which meant dense fog this morning.  Yesterday wasn't very bright either, but good enough for some Dog TV.

This afternoon the fog burned off and the day turned lovely.  It might as well be spring.  Trees and shrubs are blooming and daffodils are poking up.  But the natives are telling us stories of late January snowstorms.  So we shall see.

Feeder watching continues.  This titmouse was watching something closely.  :-)

I was pleased to spot a new-to-me bird yesterday, a brown creeper.  And today I was excited to finally see both the male and the female flicker.  I'm easily amused.

In the evenings I've been working away at the 148 leaves for Lilly Pilly.  After much burning of the tips of my fingers with the iron I'm pleased to be almost done.  Phew!

I think I need to take out the garbage?  Yesterday and the day before I prepped 113 t-shirts.  I filled both these large wastebaskets with the scraps plus one bin of larger pieces which will go into the garage as shop towels.

All the t-shirts are ready to back to Julianne to be designed into five quilts.  Then the sewing begins.


Jenny said...

That's a whole lot of tee shirts! I presume you get given a plan of how to put the tee shirt quilts together, or is left up to you?

Lynn said...

Love the picture of the dogs looking outside.
I'll keep my fingers crossed for the house to sell quickly.
Wasn't it a great weekend? I'm in denial over the weather getting cooler.