Tuesday, November 13, 2012


Despite rumors to the contrary (an extraordinarily warm November...until today) it is indeed autumn....flowers and all.  

The house is surrounded by color.  This weekend was gorgeous.  I'm surprised I've managed to keep the car on the road while admiring the fabulous scenery everywhere.  While I was taking this photo I was struck by how the trees dwarf the house.  Scary thought in light of recent weather patterns.  Also scary is how many leaves are still up there and the yard and driveway are already covered.

The Sailor Son and grands came for the weekend, so I put them to work.  :-)  This was Sunday and that nice clean driveway was covered again on Monday.  Sigh.  C'est la vie.

Yes indeed.  He is wearing Batman headphones.

The boys had the greatest time, and in between guitar riffs on the rake they actually managed to move quite a few leaves.

The geese are back from several months vacation.

It wasn't all work this weekend.  Among other things, we went to the park and visited the dragon/sea serpent...

ran, climbed, dug....

and swung.


We also shared Mimi's camera.  A three-year-old is happy to take pictures of his silly Mimi.

A five-year-old is much more interested in taking pictures of his new Ninja Turtle shirt.  lol

There was also much hilarity when Mimi knocked over the open box of Cheerios.  All in all, a fabulous weekend.

This week I received my prize!  I won this fabulous bundle of "Don't Be Crabby" fat quarters from Laurie Wisbrun, courtesy of Ayumi, The Pink Penguin.  How cool is that?  Thank you again ladies!!!  Ooooooo.... What to make, what to make?  I think I'll wait for some summer inspiration.

Speaking of cute and fun, we received some great photos of Magenta at four months-old.  Look at that ginger hair!

I'm told brother is totally in love with his baby sister.  :-)

In The Sandbox I have six memory quilts in the works.  I have to get back to them tomorrow but in the meantime I've spent a few hours in the Sandbox Annex.  Yay!

Yesterday I made a start on Soledad's head.  Here she's still looking more like the man in the moon than a mermaid.  (Cue the hilarity.)  lol

I left her like this last night.  Interesting.  I think.

After some critique by Linda, a whole lot of tweaking, and two sets of ears (they're still pretty awful....grrrr) I've put her aside to dry.

I'm also supposed to be choosing fabrics for her and I've come up with two color palettes.  I love my purples and blues but I think I'm leaning towards the goldfish/koi/Nemo colors. (Ooooo....maybe I need to add some black.)  For now.   ;-)

It's been great fun.  I really needed to get away from the sewing machines and have some fun with other media.  Yeah!


Lynn said...

You've been busy! You're right it has been beautiful. Rakes!! No leaf blower? I think Cary has a mandatory leaf blower rule.
I'm looking forward to seeing the finished mermaid.
I was just looking at the Crabby fabric, I love fabrics with crabs on them. Lucky you - I'm jealous!

Liam said...

Cary has many, many, many mandatory rules!