Saturday, October 6, 2012

The Viking

The last memory quilt in this series of four is finished and out of my house.  Yay!  Sewing has been put aside for the moment as our other house is now empty of tenants and we are concentrating on getting it ready for sale or new tenants.  Of course no one takes care of your house like you would, but geez.  After a couple of weeks not eating or sleeping properly because of the stress and worry, I've put on my big girl panties and we're dealing with it.  Enough said.

Much excitement this morning as Grand #6, The Viking, arrived just a bit early.  He upset his mama by requiring a caesarian, but all is well and we had a wonderful video chat this evening.  Ain't technology wonderful!  :-)

The hallways at this house finally have their second coat of paint.  We've cleaned up the mess and I'll get the final coats on the woodwork between other projects.  It's all a bit "hospital," with white on white on white, but we are really liking it.  (Of course there's no black dog hair clinging to it yet.)  The powder room looks good too, in the palest, almost white, lavender.  Note to self - must put a daylight bulb in that fixture asap.

The fall weather has been very pleasant though the mosquitoes are very busy having their last fling.  Sigh.  As usual for me, even sitting on the screen porch is risky.  But it's nice to have lunch out there when the house is full of painting mess.   The dogs, though they forget regularly, aren't allowed to pester us while we're eating.  Maisy is looking all squinty-eyed waiting while I eat my lunch.  Ivy is at my feet and Ngaire is sitting next to me quietly drooling.  :-)

Who's funny looking?  This is my Mona Lisa smile.

Could you eat a little faster?  I'm tired of holding the pose.

Sigh.  I'm still waiting.  My ears have collapsed!

Hey!  What's going on?

Oh wow.  Is more food coming???

And so it goes.....


Lynn said...

A new grandson!! Congratulations!
More painting too! You know those mosquitos will be around until we have a freeze - maybe in January?!

Bonnie said...

Congratulations on the new (#6) grandbaby. And, yes video chats are wonderful.

Your dogs' photos are so cute. I have one that does that alert watch as hubby eats. He knows I never give him food but hubby evidently does every once and a while. I've missed keeping up with you recently. Glad my life calmed down some...