Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Excuse me.....

But I am too darned lazy to fix the order of these photos.  And anyway.....who's gonna know besides me?  :-)

Poyla posted this picture of Stardust on Facebook.  The caption reads, "The moment the concept of the slide clicks."  Cute!

Last Thursday we joined friends at the Raleigh Amphitheater for a concert.  The sky was threatening but because we came well armed with ponchos, there was only a short sprinkle.  It's a "downtown" venue, across from the Raleigh Convention Center.  We sat on the grass up against the fence with the busy street behind us, music in front of us, busy railroad tracks over to the left and sounds of the city all around.  Pretty neat.

First up was Cracker.  Nice.

Next up was Big Head Todd and the Monsters.  Very enjoyable.

As it was getting dark, it was Blues Traveler.

And last was the main attraction, Barenaked Ladies.  There was lots of fancy lighting with stage smoke/mist, and enjoyable patter about Raleigh, Cary and the local area between songs.  In particular they sang a short ode to the Shimmer Wall on the convention center behind us, much to the delight of the crowd.  :-)

Dad has been missing his recliner, so just over  a week ago we took Mom and Dad on a furniture shopping trip.  He is delighted with his new cranberry red leather "electric chair!"  Why struggle opening and closing a manual recliner when you can get a power one!  I think The Tramp likes it too.  :-)

Mom decided she wanted to display all her ribbons again.  They are for quilts, beading and baskets.

I'm impressed!

And the ribbon for this quilt went on the quilt since it is hanging right there.  It's one of four Maggie Walker quilts Mom has painstakingly hand appliqued.

The REALLY BIG NEWS last week was the birth of Grand #5, whom The Tramp has dubbed Magenta.  Big brother looks pleased.


What a priceless photo of snoozing dad and wide-awake daughter.  :-)

Another t-shirt quilt rolled out the door.

And I took some time for a project of my own.  Mom and I signed up for a BOM at Whistle Stop in Cary, a wool applique design by Karen Poetzinger.  The first month is the blocks in the four corners.

I also bought some brightly colored fleece and cut myself a couple of capelets to wear while Charlie is on my shoulder.  It saves my shoulder from his claws and my clothes from you-know-what.  The big question is.....why didn't I do this sooner?  Talk about a Simple Solution.  Sheesh.

This handsome quilt was commissioned by Fleet Feet in Raleigh and will be hanging in the store.  :-)

And this is one side of a two-sided custom t-shirt quilt.  There are 39 shirts there!  I've got the blocks sorted on the design wall and will start on the sashing and cornerstones tomorrow.

I also made myself another new purse from fabric I bought for the purpose over a year ago!  I'm trying really hard to get some of my own stuff sewn and done.  Goodness knows.....there's enough to last me for years!  :-)


Lynn said...

Awww, what a beautiful baby. Congratulations on the new grandchild!!

Nancy said...

you are so good at getting all of the t-shirt pieces into uniform size blocks. That is my trouble with the one I'm working on. Will keep plugging away at it.

congrats on the new grand!!!! Don't spoil her too much.

Did the BareNekid Ladies sing the Big Bang theme song??? Love that show.


Raewyn said...

Congratulations on the arrival of your new grandchild!! Your mother's quilt is gorgeous - a ribbon well deserved by the looks of it. I love the new BOM you and your mum are doing - and it will be nice to do something for yourself after the commissioned work.

Kath said...

Hello Katie, thankyou for visiting and commenting on the mystery of the hollyhock! I thought I'd come over and meet you properly.
I did smile at the caplets, what a simple but inspired idea!
I also went over to your quilting blog. I liked the purple quilt especially.
Congratulations on your gorgeous grand baby.

Katherine D. Stein said...

The caplet looks great and Charlie is quite photogenic

Katherine D. Stein said...

The baby is adorable as well ;-)

Sew Create It - Jane said...

That picture of dad and baby is beautiful!