Sunday, January 1, 2012

In with the new!

Is Blogger acting funky for anyone else?  These days I have to jump through a bunch of hoops to add photos.  Just wondering.

After the clean-out madness of yesterday, today was a lovely quiet day.  Not that I got very much done.

Now that I'm sewing for Patchwork Memories as well as for enjoyment, it was time to upgrade some of my equipment.  When I added up all the tops I'd made for Julianne in the past six months I was amazed!  The cutting mat on my table must have been at least 15 years old.  Yikes!  No matter which corner I used it was well past it's use-by date.  So The Tramp encouraged me to buy a quality mat, and I did!  It's custom cut to size and there are some issues with how rough the cut edges are, but the company has been very responsive and we should have some resolution after the holiday.  In the meantime I used it for the first time today it and the surface is so fabulously smoooooth.  Swoon.

I love my sewing machines and tables but the chairs I'd been using were awful.  One had developed a funny tilt (oh my back!) so I had to sit with a wedge of foam rubber under one cheek, and the other chair just turned out to be an unwise purchase.  My bad.  Oh how it made my legs ache!  I can't tell you how many chairs I've tried out at stores and quilt shows in the past year or so on a quest for the "perfect" chair.  The perfect part also meaning not fabulously expensive.

So right before Christmas I banished the unwisely bought chair to the attic, grabbed an extra stool we had around the house and perched on that to sew a few quick seams at the Bernina.  A (very) hard seat and it's too high, but not so bad really.  Then the light dawned.....I think there were rainbows and music and everything!  LOL  Medical stools!  Backless.  Of course!  At the Juki I get kind of wedged between the table extension and the knee lifter and a chair with a back is such a pain to get in and out of.

So after a bit of online searching looky what I found!  And even better, The Tramp said why don't you just go ahead and buy two!  Woot!  So after taking height adjustments and width-of-butt into consideration, I ordered and here they are.  A backless one in burgundy....because they had a discount on the burgundy.

And a teal one with a removable back, because they had a discount on teal.  :-)  The seat is a scoch narrower on this one but I don't really notice.  And if I want to use it without the back I can take it off in seconds. 

I'm still kind of amazed at the whole thing.  Comfortable and affordable!  Wow.  I sat last night on the burgundy one for a couple of hours cutting up scraps for my houses and I didn't miss the back at all!  My cup overfloweth.  :-)

My other (endless) complaint has been lighting.  So today The Tramp rewired and added a switch to this Ikea pendant we've been moving from house to house.  It needed a serious cleaning.  But now it's cleaned and wired and up and I couldn't be happier.  Thank you honey.  XXXOOO

So at his request, tonight I made the man a cozy for his travel mug.  Pink polka-dots.  It's so him.  LOL

I was making myself a purse but I ran out of thread, dang it.  I hope JoAnn's is open tomorrow!


Nancy said...

Ohhhhhh to have all of that ROOM!!! Sounds like you have a keeper too :o) I love the lamp!

Bonnie said...

Light --- how I envy you. Are you required to use those blasted bulbs that last forever but have terrible output? grumble, grumble... I may need to investigate some tall, positional lights like your black ones.. it might help a lot.

Love the new mat. I may have to follow your lead.