Sunday, January 27, 2013

Tweet tweet? Not!

No photos of birds today, though I could scrounge some up if you like.  No?  Well gee.  ;-)

Today was an at home day too.  Sunny and cold.  Neither of us felt the need to actually go out and experience it.  After spending a chunk of the morning wrestling with our budget (somebody please buy our house!) we determined that we can indeed eat this week, but not much else.  Sigh.

After all that it seemed best to get out of my chair and do some cleaning and sorting.  Clear the air, so to speak.  :-)  A year or two (or more) ago I joined a Yahoo Group called Your Sewing Room, the main idea being to share photos and descriptions of your sewing and craft space.   Today we were asked by the moderator to add the state we live in to the name of our photo album in the group.  I'm a good soldier so I went to do as asked and what do you know!  I never created an album.  Ooooooops!  I'm guessing through all the iterations of The Sandbox over the past few years I just never thought it was "done" enough to share any photos.   My bad.

So after neatening up (read...finishing taking Christmas stuff up to the attic) and vacuuming, I ran around taking photos.   And I figured they would make good weblog fodder at some point.  Well!  Much to our amazement we received a call from New Zealand this evening to say The Tramp's parents now have Skype!  So now we are all video capable, wireless and together in the 21st century, we'll be able to take them on a video tour of the premises.   Cool.

So anyway, here is the still version.  From the doorway of The Sandbox.  Crowded, but not nearly so crowded as it has been.

First on the right is my desk.  Very neat....for me!

Charlie in his niche in the dormer.  One of our "wishes" is to dormer the whole space between the little dormers.  What a wonderful view of the pond we would have!

Right hand corner is the sewing "nest."  

The Juki and all my quilting books and patterns.

Gadgets in the drawers, more gadgets and projects on the shelves.  My african violets are blooming!

The Bernina in it's lovely new table.  The recent painting and waxing project was a success.  I had no problem machine appliqueing all those leaves on Lilly Pilly.

Thread is in the plastic drawers, scrap bins underneath and a pile of UFOs in the laundry basket.  Well at least it's neater than it was.  :-)

Ironing station.  Invariably, when I need to iron something big there's a dog stretched out asleep right in front of it.

The entertainment corner is working out very well.  I have to keep up with Downton Abbey don't cha know.

The cutting table is amazingly clear!  Oh yeah.  I cleaned it for the photo session.

Everything looks good from the sewing nest.  :-)  My only gripe is the green walls.  Oh well.  One day when we're ready to redo the floor I'll get to paint it again.

Now I've taken the last of the Christmas stuff up to the attic (stairs in this bedroom) I have not excuse not to get back to working on my doll.  In fact I'll do that tomorrow!  Tomorrow's doll club has been canceled due to the next round of ice expected tonight.  I promise to have some progress to show tomorrow night.

Doll books, patterns, paints, beads, glues, color pencils, stuff!  The Tramp has been heard to say he will make some custom wall shelves for my paint bottles and stuff.   Yay!

The fabric stash is still neatly put away in the other guest room.   Look Ma!  No stacks of stuff on the floor.  LOL  (She knows me well.)

The attic is still full of craft stuff, fabric, UFOs, batting, ribbon, etc etc etc.  At one point I said to The Tramp if I worked hard enough I could use a lot of this stuff up.   I'll bet they heard him laughing all the way in New Zealand.

I did use a few small scraps this week.  :-)

And because I don't have anything else to do, I just had to knit up a dishcloth per Susan Brubaker Knapp's directions.   The dishwasher is fixed (finally), so I probably won't have a need to use it, but I just had to knit it.

Anybody else have this problem?


Twisted Quilts said...

What a great place to work. I love the view of the lake. I see you have two machines set up. I do too but my space is much smaller. I love your house blocks. They are so much fun. Looks like a lot of creativity going on.

Andee said...

Love you quilting area, LOVE your Easy Street and house blocks and just had to comment because not only do I know what you mean about the knitting, I am looking at not only the same color yarn but my dishcloth is about as far as the one in your picture..I did a doubletake! Happy knitting!