Saturday, January 26, 2013

Cold ice, hot oven

We woke up to a frozen world.  All was covered with a coating of ice and it was clear we weren't going out this morning!

And while the ice remained, the birds remained.  Pine siskins showed up in large numbers and flapped and fought and jockeyed for position for most of the day.

Today Maisy suddenly became aware of the window feeders.

I heard her whining and when I peeked in the living room she had her feet up on the windowsill and was wagging her tail and whining to get closer to the birds, just like she acts around Charlie.

Crazy dog.

The cold and ice had some birds acting out of character.  I'd never seen a cardinal interested in the suet cake before.

The territorial mockingbirds were on patrol most of the time.

But occasionally they even let the bluebirds near the suet.

The usually more timid showed up too.

 Even a couple of solitary red-winged blackbirds.  There was no sign of the flock today though.

 Mr. Towhee was very bold.  I don't know where Mrs. Towhee was hiding today.

Even the thrasher had a bolder attitude.

And Mrs. Red-bellied Woodpecker made an appearance.  I guess the cold and ice made her brave too.  Nice.  :-)

Now so you don't think all I do is sit at the front window.....   I was actually in the kitchen most of the time today.  :-)  First we had g-f blueberry scones for breakfast.

Next I made a batch of slightly over-toasted granola.  Yummy though!

Then two loaves of g-f bread for The Tramp, and a batch of g-f brownies for Julianne's grand opening party this evening.

Once the ice melted noon for most people...her store filled up and she had a successful opening day.   I took Mom over this afternoon for a look at the new store and she treated me to a new pair of Machingers quilting gloves.  My current pair are pretty grungy.  Even when you pre-wash all your fabrics they still get colored by the fabric dyes and no amount of washing makes them nice again.  Thanks Mom!!  :-)

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