Thursday, January 31, 2013


Goodness I hope not.  Yesterday evening I finished knitting the dishcloth that I just had to make and this morning we discovered the dishwasher had died in the night....again....and leaked on the floor this time too.  Sigh.  I had even started on a second cloth.  Maybe I'm jinxing myself.   Heh.  The pink kitchen scrubby in the photo is the one I keep in The Sandbox to clean off my teflon pressing sheet.  More bad dishwashing juju?  lol

I washed and dried The Viking's quilt.  The soft colors don't photograph well in here, but ED assured me she really liked the vintage look.  Now to get it up to New Jersey.  Oops.  After I make a label!

The weather forecast is finally settling down.  Last night, what someone called "the 1000 mile super-storm" blew through.  We were very fortunate to just loose a few small branches, there were tornadoes elsewhere.  :-(

Comfort food has been the rule this week.  The Tramp really likes the chili from The Pioneer Woman's cookbook.

But we disagree on the amount of "heat" in the chili.  So this time I made it as usual, with the wussy McCormick stuff, took out my share of chili and tossed in some "real" chili powder for him.

Worked like a charm.  :-)

At least it looks like January in this photo, doesn't it.  This was the warm and strange calm before the storm.  Daffodils are blooming and pretty pink trees (redbud?) are blooming everywhere.   Even the turtles were out of the pond sunning themselves today.  In January?  It's all very odd.

Some dog TV this morning after the storm.

It was still very breezy.

The geese wouldn't pose nicely for me but I thought the colors in the water were a nice effect.

Between Ngaire and I this is what my kitchen counter looks like lately.  Chocolate milk to wash all my pills down and peanut butter for hers.  I hate swallowing big pills, but what are you going to do?  That's the way they make 'em.

While I'm at the counter working my way through the pills, Charlie, the rascal, is over there in his cage making pill-swallowing noises.  I never knew I was such a noisy swallower!

It's too funny.  He also sneezes, coughs and blows his nose.   Less clearly than the swallowing but he's consistent, so I know he's "parroting" me.  :-)

Here they are watching me vacuum the living room.  Yep.  That's why the stairs are always black.  Sigh.

Oh excuse me.  Is my vacuuming boring you?

That's Maisy's stair.  She especially likes it in the morning when the sun shines on that spot.

After a quickie stair vacuuming, I put the machines away.....and they're back!  (grumble)

Tuesday at doll club I worked a bit on Soledad.  Selena offered to repaint her eyes for me.  It's a little more glam than I'd do myself,  but she did a wonderful job and I wouldn't change a thing.   Selena loves to make over American Girl dolls and has quite a following.  I learn a lot from all my doll club friends.

The next step was to wrap the wires with fabric.

With a bead on the tip.

I decided Soledad was going to be dull, especially with the glamour makeover, so I'm going to use this brighter fabric for her "skirt" and tail flukes.

And of course bought and borrowed (thanks Mom!) some bright red and yellow beads to add to the effect.

Yesterday I prepped 68 t-shirts and tomorrow I have to start on another set.  In between t-shirt quilts I really want to go play with those beads!!  :-)

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Lynn said...

The baby quilt is adorable. I love the pattern, nice combination of fabrics!