Tuesday, January 15, 2013


I don't even know if it's a compromise really.  As soon as I start whining about some aspect of My Sandbox, The Tramp shuts me up by asking if I'm just venting or do I really want his help in solving the problem.  The poor man has learned the hard way.  :-)

 The first thing waiting to be done was painting the top of the wonderful sewing table The Tramp made for me several months ago.  The bare wood was just too much drag on the fabric.  A few coats of white paint and some wax and we're good to go.  Remember Jubilee Kitchen Wax?  Not that I want to go around waxing everything, but it was sure nice to have in the house and I was sorry when they stopped making it.  But, now the Vermont Country Store has it!  Yay!

 All waxed up and ready for the machine.  It looks so neat, but of course clearing one space means compromising other surfaces and rooms.  Sigh.  We're still sorting it all out.

 The Tramp's part in all this was "re-making" my desk.  We had a previously painted white door stored in the attic so it replaced the unpainted door desktop, and the process forced me to sort through the piles of desk junk and clean out the file cabinet.  What you see is....for me....a very clean desk.  :-)  Behind The Tramp's desk, in the above photo, stands the unpainted door.  It just needs legs and The Tramp will have a nice work surface in The Sandbox too.  The challenge for both of us is keeping the surfaces clear enough to work on!

One of the many currently compromised surfaces is the Juki table.  Sigh.  But in front of it I now have a cleared surface for my turntable!  I need to drag out the boxes of vinyl albums and transfer the music to my computer.  What fun!  (I hope.)

Yesterday and today have been unseasonably warm.  Basically,  it's been Hot and Humid.  Summer like.  When I drove around the pond this morning I wondered what all the white fluff was on the grass.  Oh.  Eew.  It was fuzzy goose and dog poop.  That's how humid it is.  Bulbs are pushing up and shrubs and trees are blooming.  Now it isn't being so crowded by trees, our camelia is visible from the porch.  The flowers on the top of the bush are this bright fuchsia.

But the flowers on the bottom half of the bush are this delicate pink and white.  I went back to look twice and make sure it's just one bush.  How about that!

Now it's discovered, I'm going to have to give it some tender loving care.  It's lovely.

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Liam said...

The turntable! An xmas gift over 3 years in the opening :-)