Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The good, the bad and the.........cute!

Looky here.  Vinyl!  This morning I took a deep breath and delved into the brave new world of transferring music from vinyl to bits and bytes.  I would also like you to note the now un-compromised sewing table in the background.  Big difference from yesterday!  While the music was playing I did some serious cleaning up.  :-)

A young Itzhak, finally out of a box after all these years.  

And it worked.  Woot!

After all that excitement I got busy and fused the trunk, branches and birds on the background of Lilly Pilly.  Then I lay out all the leaves to see if it was really going to work as I was envisioning.  One of the leaf fabrics looked awful so I pulled those and made some replacements.  Now it is all glue basted and waiting for the next step.  Here is where  I always start to stress and worry that I'll ruin it when I start stitching.

I used my Best Press bottle to hold down the top of my pattern on a shelf so I could see it for reference.  When I picked the bottle up to put the pattern away the paper was stuck fast to the bottom of the bottle.  See that sticky ring on the paper?  Yuck.  I had to wash it off so I could fold up the pattern.  When I checked the shelf where the Best Press had been stored it was yucky too.  The bottle had been slowly leaking from the nozzle.  That's not so bad in itself.  What gets me is how sticky and icky it becomes when it dries.  And I'm spraying that on my fabrics?  Not anymore!

And last but not least, the Viking is 14 weeks old!  What a cutie.  :-)

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Ivory Spring said...

I love that cheerful tree!