Monday, January 28, 2013


Yep.  It is.  I had to look up the word embarrassing so I could spell it.  Sheesh.

We have had an embarrassment of interesting weather recently.  Day before yesterday it looked like this.

Yesterday morning was like this.

And for goodness sakes look at this!  What season is it???

Today was dark and gloomy but definitely a bit warmer.  The Tramp and I had a slow start to the day, partly because it was supposed to be icy this morning.  Safer for him to work from home.  So at noon we decided to go for a walk and blow the cobwebs out.

They don't care how dull the weather is.  :-)

We have been very worried about our Ngaire.  She had been limping a bit (which we had seen the vet for a while ago) but over the holiday weekend it suddenly became very bad.  (always on a holiday of course....just like kids)   After a week of steroids, pain killers and muscle relaxants we are on the next phase of rehabilitation, which is slow walks around the pond.   As we slowly walked around behind the mail truck I observed that the interesting waterfowl are back again after the nasty weather.  Never on a Project Feederwatch day of course.  :-)

A pair of hooded mergansers.

The belted kingfisher flew round and round chattering loudly all the time.  I am amazed I managed to catch him briefly settled in a tree.  I certainly couldn't see him (or her) on the small screen of the camera!  One of these days I'd like to spot him diving for fish.

The great blue heron was fishing.  Better in the pond than messing up our roof!  :-)

As we and the mail truck advanced around the pond, the geese, ducks, kingfisher and heron kept moving to the other side of the pond.  :-)  It was funny watching the little kingfisher swooping along above the heron.  (not in these pictures unfortunately)

Back at the house again I filled the bird feeders.  The little birds are often so busy I can almost get close enough to touch them.

I did finish something today.  I put the binding on The Viking's quilt.  I opted to try sewing it on from the back then flipping it over and machine sewing it to the front.  It certainly is faster than sewing the whole thing by hand, but let me tell you, it sure isn't easier.  It's very tricky to do it neatly and I confess I need some more practice.  :-)

And finally this afternoon I turned my attention to my doll.  The bead cabinet is open!

That's an embarrassing amount of bead choices out on the table.   Decisions, decisions, decisions.

I'm embarrassingly out of practice too.  I won't tell you how many tiny beads I dropped on the floor either.  Heh.  I was trying to follow the sometimes very frustrating directions in Patti Culea's book.  I've met her and I adore her work.  It really would have been nice to have had some personal instruction this evening!

So after an embarrassing number of false starts I think I may possibly have a direction now.  The start of some branched coral like thingys.

And what are supposed to be starfish.  Hmmmmm.  I don't know about them yet.

And lastly, a gratuitous dog photo.  Do you think there might be food in the offing?  LOL


Lorraine said...

Ha Ha...I always have to look up how to spell "embarrassing" can never remember! Love the pic of the dogs - I am guessing there is food somewhere!! Rose loves toast and if the toaster is out on the bench she can be found stretched out on the floor patiently waiting for a crust! Even if there is no bread in the toaster LOL

Ivory Spring said...

WOW - looks like you have been productive. Yes, the weather seems to be doing funny things. ;)

Re: that navy fabric - glad you are happy about the navy-ness! That line is absolutely gorgeous!!!

Twisted Quilts said...

I would have to look up embarrassing too if you hadn't. Yes our weather has been interesting. We were at the coast over the weekend but came home Saturday afternoon to watch the State-Carolina game. We were so surprised at the ice in all the trees as we came inland. No telling what will happen next week.

Katherine D. Stein said...

I love the doll and can't to see what she looks like when you are finished. The beading looks great!

Katherine D. Stein said...

I love the doll and can't to see what she looks like when you are finished. The beading looks great!

Katherine D. Stein said...

Great job Kate!!
she's looking beautiful.