Saturday, April 7, 2012

Spring Fever

I guess it's Spring Fever....all this cleaning and rearranging we're doing.  I get real itchy anyway if I can't move things around occasionally.  (Send The Tramp a sympathy card!)

I am really enjoying having a "view" of the pond from my desk.  (hard to see with the morning sun on the window screen)  I can also reach the window now to open and close it.  Yay!  The new room arrangement may be a success!  Of course we'd really like to blow out the dormer completely and add a veranda, but for the foreseeable future I'll be just fine with this.  :-)

The dogs seem very happy with the clean carpet.  It's certainly lifted my spirits and brought back some joy of ownership.  I've now got carpet cleaning reminders set up on iCal.   Never again will I wait so long!

Maisy still prefers a bed though.  Always.  If you click on the photo you might see her baleful eye.  "Why is that camera aimed at me again??"

Yesterday morning we listed the large desk on Craigslist then went out to do some errands.  It was too beautiful a day to stay indoors.  Blue sky, cotton ball clouds, and lots of green.  :-)

This is an impressive pedestrian bridge.  One day we need to check it out from above.

Duckweed is blooming on the pond again.  Yuck.  The pond maintenance company has been called.

Yesterday evening we decided to go have a browse at Barnes & Noble.  It seemed appropriate somehow that it was the full moon.  :-)  In particular I wanted to get a new Photoshop book.  I've never properly learned how to use the software properly.  Case in point is my new header photo.  Pretty cool photo for being taken through the car window with my iPhone.  Now look at it more closely.  I never noticed the trash and recycling cans along the road until I installed it as the header!  I know it shouldn't, but it bothers me.  Especially as I have the means (besides cropping) to fix it if I choose. 

There was a lot of interest in buying our desk.  A very nice couple showed up with a pickup truck to take it away.  In conversation we discovered they were furnishing a whole house and a sectional was on their list.  So ours is gone!  Just like that!  Seize the day!  lol

Yep.  We know.  It was only a year and a half old....and comfy.  But it was just too big for the room and didn't allow for any flexibility of furniture arrangement.  Also, the dark brown darkened the room a bit.  Eventually all the wood will be painted white too.  So much work though!

After taking the photo of our naked living room this morning, I wandered outside.  It was cold last night!   I actually put the upstairs heat on for an hour or so this morning.  But it's a gorgeous day and warming up fast.

Thursday, a friend gave me a bunch of starts from his garden and yesterday I planted them in mine. (just in time for the frost warning, sigh)  I still have to plant my amaryllis bulbs and the ones Mom gave me.  These three all have new shoots!

The hostas are up and filling in nicely.

The Canna Lilies (red and green leaf, center), planted yesterday, seem to have survived the chill as well as being yanked up and moved.

The Dianthus is blooming.

I forget the names of all these things but they don't need names to look pretty.  :-)  Maybe I should invest in those fancy plant tags one of these days.

The Clematis has buds.  :-)

The little Japanese maple tree is doing very well.  We need to plant it before the hole we have to dig gets too large!

Have a nice day!  :-)

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Lynn said...

We were at B&N too last night! (Reading magazines). I'm going out to work in my garden, wish me luck not running into any snakes. I've already had a couple of encounters, yuk!