Tuesday, April 10, 2012


Today was all about fiber.  Yay!!!  It's about time!  :-)  Our quilting bee meeting was this morning.  There are ten of us and we all thought it quite funny that half of us were knitting!  I usually take my redwork quilt to bee but today I just grabbed my knitting on the way out the door.  I managed to add a few points to my Hitchhiker shawl.  17 points so far out of 42!

This afternoon I got to work and finished preparing all the t-shirts for one quilt and hockey jerseys for two quilts.  "Prepare" means cutting up the shirts, cutting matching sized pieces of fusible interfacing, fusing the two together, and delivering them back to Julianne.  Sometimes there is a bit of applique involved too.  The hockey jerseys were a challenge to work with but I'm thinking the quilts are going to be very handsome.  I'll get everything back soon with sashing and border fabrics to sew together into the quilt tops.

I had music on loud, shirts draped all over the place, and Charlie and the dogs for company.  Maisy decided to be mostly underfoot.

Maisy is always ready for a belly rub.  And yes my floor is that messy while I'm working.  All that cutting means bits of shirt, interfacing and thread all around my table!

Eyes squinted in bliss.


We received some Easter/Passover photos from MD and Poyla.   Hi Stardust!

Wow.  Click on the photo to see.  She has her Daddy's eyes!


True Blue Nana said...

You are very busy. I have not done a t shirt quilt. One of my daughters friends did one with her sorority t shirts. What a precious little girl!!

Bonnie said...

I don't think the studio looks all that messy! Hum, maybe I need to reevaluate what I think of as messy? Your cutting table is really great. I have a nice one too but I tend to store stuff on it which works unless I want to spread out a quilt on it. Sigh... can't have it both ways.

Stardust's eyes look just like her dads. Lovely peepers!