Thursday, April 26, 2012

Red, blue, green, and orange

Well I tried to post a couple of days ago but our router wasn't cooperating and now I'm finally getting back around to it.  :-)

Ooops!  I neglected to show the pattern I won.  Look what I got from Jodie, all the way from Australia!  Sweet!  Thank you Jodie!  Once I figure out where to get the wool flannel for her body I'm gonna make me a Little Red.

This is the last picture I dare take of the bluebirds.  They are even showing a hint of blue!  If I peek at them now they look back at me through the hole in the box.  It's got to be pretty crowded in there!

Days have been alternately cool and dark (and wet), and warm and sunny.  The clematis has bloomed.

The house has disappeared behind green.

Same view without the zoom.  Mother goose is at her post under the red tree, the ducks are snoozing on the bank, and father goose is mooching around on the opposite bank.

I took Ivy for a brisk walk.  I forget which day it was but it was quite cool.  I notice the rhododendrons are in bloom.

The park was quiet....unless you count the birds.

By the time we came back around home, father goose was snoozing in the road in front of our house.  The ducks and geese pretty much ignore the cars and people and sleep wherever they damned well please thank you very much.  :-)

Here I was wishing I had a rhododendron and guess what?  I do!  How did I miss this last year???  Oh. I know.  We don't use our back yard.  Sigh.  But *happy dance* the tree people are coming tomorrow to thin out our "forest."  Yippee!

Houses have been sewn.  I'm no where near catching up but I'm trying.

At bee on Tuesday we revisited the quilt we made for the town of Fuquay-Varina's centennial.  It was ripply along the bottom so we added a sleeve and a pole to hold it straight and it will go back into it's display cabinet.  It was fun to admire the good work we did a couple of years ago.

I'm still watching for novelty fabrics for my windows.  I love this bird.

Eldest Daughter.


Love birds.  :-)

Grand #1.

Eventually I will have enough letters to spell our names.

Yesterday they were smoke testing the sewers in our neighborhood.  I snapped this picture of them working at the manhole at the foot of our driveway.  A moment before I grabbed the camera they were enveloped in a cloud of smoke.  I didn't smell it in the house so I'm assuming we don't have sewer gasses sneaking in.

Today I finished and delivered this t-shirt quilt.  It seems orange is a favorite color.  :-)

Bedtime.  We have to get up early for the tree men!


Raewyn said...

You live in a beautiful area, Katie. Love the quilt your group made a few years back. And of course I LOVE your houses. I have all my photos back on my computer now so will have to follow up my friend for printing out some real people for my houses!

Lynn said...

Our bluebirds have hatched also, I can hear them squeaking in their box.
I love the Fuquay quilt! I'm really enjoying seeing all of the houses.
A few years ago they were doing the sewers and our house filled up with smoke. I thought something was on fire, nasty!

Bonnie said...

Little Red is cute. Sometimes JoAnnes carries wool felt but not often. Also several quilt stores now carry it also. Oops, saw that you need wool flannel. No clue where to find that. I guess some google searches might be in your future.

Thimbleanna said...

Wow -- your outdoor pictures are beautiful -- everything is so green and pretty. And, how lucky to watch those baby birds -- I'd love that. And those CUTE little houses -- I so want to make them!