Thursday, April 19, 2012


The weather has been a little bit cooler this week.  And a little bit rainy....emphasis on the "little bit."  We could use a good soaking rain.  I've been keeping watch on the Bluebird nest and thought it would be fun to post a progression of photos.

Day 1  Tiny birds still wet from the shell.  April 13th.

Day 2  Fuzzy and hardly able to hold up their heads and squeak.

How quickly they grow!


Today, day 6.  Feathers starting to show and one eye almost open.  Proud Mama.  That's me!  LOL

And in other news.   The new baby in the house is....ta da!....a china closet!  China cupboard?  Hutch?  Breakfront?  What do you call it?  Every once in a while I had been checking for china whatchmacallits on Craigslist and on Monday this one showed up. Tuesday we went into Raleigh to the house of the lovely young couple who were selling it.  For me it was love at first sight.  :-)  We admired their new kitchen and collection of mid-century modern furniture and chatted for quite a while after loading the the top of the china thingamabob into The Tramp's car and the bottom whosie-whatsit into mine.  Let me tell you.  This thing is HEAVY.

It matches our dining room table and chairs almost perfectly.  *happy dance*  The piece was made by Temple-Stuart in Massachusetts who are no longer in business.  It has very cool bubble glass in the doors.

And lots of storage below.

I am so thrilled with it I couldn't stop taking photos!    I smile every time I see it.  There is something just so right about a china closet full of china.  My china.  Sigh......

The Ikea buffet has served us well but now it can go.  Hmmmm.  I need to darken the shims under the front legs of the thingummy dojigger.

Ok.  Enough excitement for me.  :-P

The not-at-all exciting event this week was/is an invasion of ants.  Ewwwwww.  Yuck!  Gross!  Ants are creepy....and crawly.....and NASTY.  (Sorry....I have an ant thing.)  They are coming in, I believe, from behind that switch plate to the right of the kitchen window.  I cleared and cleaned and the darned things just kept on coming.  The worst part is that I can't see the tiny black ants on the evil black granite.  Grrrrrrrrr.   As I wiped up the ones I could see, I didn't realize every time I leaned against the counter I was taking some ants on board.  About the time the third one marched across my glasses I FREAKED!  All day long I was sure they were in my hair and I itched all day.   *shudder*   Anyway, today the exterminator came and squirted some gel-like bait around.  So now of course there are bunches of ants coming in to feed on the bait.  Sigh.  I just hope they are taking it home with them.  Good Lord, my head is itching just thinking about it.  Ugh.  Ugh.  Ugh.  Ugh.  Ugh.

Better news is that I went fabric shopping today.  No ants involved that I'm aware of.  Oh NO!  That green fabric in the stack of fat quarters has ants printed on it.  What was I thinking???

Ok.  Down girl.  Take a deep breath.  Change the subject.

I bought border fabrics for The Tramp's Jelly Roll 1600 quilt.  Batiks were on sale this week.  :-)  I also got a bright flannel for backing, a pile of fat quarters for swapping and a couple more skeins of Starbella yarn.  Yummy.

I finished and delivered two t-shirt quilts to Julianne.  These will go back-to-back to make one quilt.

Tonight was guild meeting and Mom wanted a photo of "Daisy of Savannah", our raffle quilt.  It's gorgeous.  Actually there are two of them as prizes, the second one is a lap sized.  The quilting is wonderful.  I could be quite happy winning this one!


Stephanie D. said...

Aw, I just love looking at those sweet little chirpers! I've never seen baby birds grow, so your pictures are quite a treat for me!

Love the new china cabinet, too. How nice that you were able to find one that matches your dining room furniture so nicely!

Bonnie said...

Lots of things happening around your house. I really am jealous that you have a china cabinet/hutch/breakfront.... whatchamacallit! I've never had one and I doubt if I will get one. Love the little bird pictures -- very neat pictures. And, last, but definitely not least -- did your exterminator tell you to keep your bushes and branches trimmed away from your house? Someone told us that once so we try hard to not have any bushes hitting our outside walls. I've been lucky recently to not have any ants. (Fingers are crossed that I didn't just jinx myself!)