Thursday, April 12, 2012

Just give me some Jaffas and everybody will be safe!

Today was less than exciting.  I'm not sure just was.  I must have gotten out of the the wrong side of the bed this morning.  Grump, grump, grump.

However I was greatly cheered up by this cute picture of Stardust, having a meeting with her "committee".

I was also cheered up by a small care package from New Zealand.  Jaffas!  For me!  Woot!  From the Evil Step-daughter.  :-)  And The Tramp received a bag of Biguns which he enthusiastically ate his way through....before dinner!

We sat for a little while in the living room after dinner and I took some really bad photos with my phone.  That's Ngaire having a lovely chew on her tennis ball.

And The Tramp whistling tunes to Maisy....which she doesn't seem so sure about it.  :-)

Today I ran all over the place looking for fabric to cover the kitchen stools.  I went all the way to a fabric outlet that no longer exists (sigh), and a big drapery/upholstery outlet that has really nice stuff but nothing I considered "fun."  I stopped at a nice quilt shop and didn't see anything that floated my boat there either.  I finally broke down and went back to JoAnn one more time and bought a simple red check.  And I think they look just fine.

Don't look too close at the photo though.   No I haven't vacuumed yet.

Yes that's my blue bathrobe.  It's quite cold this evening and as much as I hate to, we had to turn the heat on.  I was walking around (fully dressed) wrapped up in my robe until the second floor warmed up.  I even have boots on for goodness sake.  How quickly we get used to the warm weather!

Yes the wastebaskets are madly overflowing, but it's trash day tomorrow and it's now all at the curb.

Hey Mom!  What do those stool seats remind you of?  Horsie!  LOL  When I was small I had a stuffed horse made of red gingham and he had a round pillow-like body.  I keep thinking of him when I look at my stools.  :-)  A little home-grown nostalgia in my kitchen.  Heh.

These are old stools.  One of the seats split while The Tramp was helping me staple the fabric on.  The wood block is a repair my dad did years ago.  So a little more surgery by The Tramp and now the stool will last a few years longer.  And we discovered they are oak.  Even the electric staple gun had a really hard time driving the staples in.  My goodness what a chore.  But it's nice to have the job done.

Tomorrow should be much more exciting.  It's Dad's 90th birthday!!!  Wooohoooo!

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