Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Long but exciting weekend

Dad's 90th birthday was on Thursday and we had a nice dinner with Mom and Dad at our house on Thursday evening.  What he didn't know is that Mom and I had spent the last six weeks planning a surprise party for him.  :-)  After all the emailing, messaging and phone calling, in the end, my three children, one SIL and three grands were able to come.  My brother's family had an emergency and was unable to get away but we made sure Dad got to talk to them.

On my last trip out to WalMart before family started to show up on Friday I encountered this Canada Goose out in the parking lot.  Not something you see every day!  Even at WalMart!  Geese normally stick to the ground.  The bird was busy preening and pooping and taking very little notice of all the passersby snapping pictures with their cell phones.  I'll bet the owners of that nice clean and shiny white Expedition were surprised.

The birthday party was a great surprise.  The family had lunch together in the private dining room at the retirement community and a crowd of Mom and Dad's new friends joined us for cake.

Dad with ED.  It was very exciting to see her.  I got to pat the pregnant belly!  :-)

The boys were very excited to come to the party as superheroes.  The Sailor Son got into the act with a mask Mom made for the community's "midnight masquerade".  

Little boys had fun with the elevator buttons all day.

Mom and Dad gave a tour of the place.  The Sailor Son toured as a superhero.  LOL

Under the dining table was a great place for playing with cars.

We were also very proud of our Batman socks.

When my brother called/Skyped even Stardust got to talk on the phone....sort of.

 Transfixed by a game on Uncle's phone.  She giggled and chuckled at the action.

What fun it is to have cousins!

The Tramp joined in the spirit of the day.  One way......

......or another.  :-)

Stardust just wanted to go go go.  Much to the delight of the other residents.

But agreed to sit still for a few minutes on Nanny's lap.

 Watch out for 90 year-olds with big knives!!!

Trying to wear her out with a stroll outside.

 Who?  Me?

The boys really enjoyed the stools and the new breakfast bar in our kitchen.  He's saying, "Look Mimi!  These chairs have ladders!"


 Trying in vain to mess up The Tramp's hair and beard.

I'm not sure who was more curious, Charlie or Stardust.

It was fabulous to have so much family visit, but weekend wore me out.  The dogs too!  :-)

Tomorrow I have to put the borders on the two t-shirt quilts you can see the corners of on my stool.  Then on to some sewing of my own.  Yay!

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SoozieSuzy said...

What a lovely celebration you had. Fabulous pictures of your family and you even captured Liam a couple of times. Well done!