Monday, May 16, 2011

Oh the joy! Oh the rapture!

Today while I was busy quilting, The Tramp surprised me by deciding to do some plumbing.  He changed out a faucet.  Yahoooooo!  As far as I'm concerned that's a BIG DEAL.  Our house was built in the 1980s and still has some typical 1980s fixtures.  Case in point, ugly gold bathroom faucets.  The awkward kind that pull and turn.  Eew, eew, eewwwww!

I know they were all the rage back in the day, but what were we thinking?????  Yeesh.  And being twenty-five years old ours are now particularly ugly and corroded, to say nothing of how hard they are to turn on and off.  Particularly for me, it hurts my hands.  I also sometimes end up spraying water all over the place, and there is no setting for warm.  I hate that.

Oh joy, oh rapture!  I'm in love.  I can't wait to go brush my teeth!  LOL  The neck swivels too.  What a lovely gift.  Sigh.....

Three more faucets to go, and the showers.  Then the 80s will be all gone!  :-)

Yesterday I caught another picture of the bluebirds.  Growing fast.  I can already see wing feathers coming.  

It's been dark and gloomy for days and we've got more predicted.  But the rain has been cleansing and the breezes refreshing.  It certainly doesn't hurt the flowers.

The quilt is coming along.  Not much more left to do.  Since Thursday evening is my deadline I have to give up experimenting and get on with it.  I messed around with Golden Threads paper and pounce pads for the first time.  It's been somewhat useful.   I really really want to finish the quilting tomorrow!

Friday, on my quest for a white chalk pounce pad and black thread, I came around a curve and met some geese.  Three families.  The largest ones first, then the smaller ones, then the smallest. 

As I looked at that first photo (click on it to see what I mean), I couldn't help but think of this.  :-)


Heera said...

I bet the geese have their own songs and dance to their own beat just like the Beatles did. Blue birdies are cute.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Oh this is too funny...I just took the very same picture of geese crossing the road this weekend! LOL and I was going to make the Abbey Road connection...well I guess great minds do think alike! :o)

Lynn said...

I remember when I was young and thought things like faucets were dull and now I realize that I have (ahem) matured because I'm sitting here looking at your faucet thinking how beautiful it is and amazed that it swivels. I'm jealous. Do you like the golden threads paper. I think I came across those same geese Friday. I saw some today and they don't look quite as cute, they're close to hitting that goose teenage phase.