Saturday, May 21, 2011


Well sort of. 

Thursday evening I showed off my quilt at the guild meeting and handed it over to the Symposium people.  The Tramp likes this picture because it shows just how big the darned thing is.  :-)

During the day Thursday, I alternately worked on sewing on the sleeve and labels and gazing out the window.   The bluebirds are hugely busy feeding their brood.

We had a sudden cloudburst.

He's so handsome, I can't resist the photo ops.  :-)  I bought some new suet cakes and put out more of the worms.  The new excitement is we have a couple of crows that come and knock the worm dish and suet cage down.  They drag the suet cage across the yard so I have to go looking for it. 

Rufous-sided towhee.

One bluebird on the box and one in flight.

I took a holiday from almost everything Friday.  No email, no blogs, no sewing.  Vacuumed because I have to.  :-)  I also brushed the dogs.  I can't believe how much hair I got off of Ngaire!  Dabbled in some clicker training too.  Other than that I read a library book and hung around the front window and the front stoop taking photos.

We have woodpeckers.  (Note the still-empty raised garden frame.)

I got out the manual and played with the camera for a bit.  This is an "arty" setting which does things to the color.  I'll have to try it when I'm not sitting on the porch in my pajamas.  LOL

Blue-black!  :-)


Brown-headed nuthatch.  First time I've seen them here.

Hello robin......and turtle!

 There's that handsome guy again.

Woodpecker considering how to reach for the suet.

No comment.

Blue, red and yellow.  Love all the colors.

One of the crows waiting for me to go back inside.  :-)

Five fast-growing chicks.  I can see the blue feathers on their wings now.  I think this is the last photo I dare take.  Sigh.

As of today we have a full garden!  Actually an overflowing garden.  I still have to move quite a bit excess dirt from the other side of it.

I put some of the excess here.  Now we need edging, flowers and say nothing of painting the mailbox and post.

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Tine said...

That quilt is AWESOME!!! I love the colors you used, and the pattern is fantastic!