Monday, May 9, 2011

The large and the small

The quilting continues.  Man, is this thing large.

All the flowers have been outlined.

A small meander around the flowers in the baskets and cross-hatching on the baskets.

After reviewing the new Pajama Quilter Reloaded DVD I remembered how much I enjoyed Dwirling when I first tried it.  So I dwirled one of the corners....and need to finish this weblog and get on with the other three!

I went out to stretch my legs and found the clematis blooming nicely. 

I have no clue what variety it is....but it's pretty!

I bought some mealy worms for the bluebirds and a pretty glass holder for them.  I put some worms out this afternoon and I don't think anyone has found them yet.

One day older and a bit stronger!  :-)

And making noise now too!  :-)  ('d think I'd laid those eggs!  LOL)


Heera said...

Those flowers just popped when you quilted around them. Great job with quilting the corner too. I love the video of the little birdies. So cute..

Raewyn said...

Your quilting looks fabulous on those baskets and flowers - and dwirling is a new word to me but so cool - I'll have to try it!! Cute wee birds - they don't look like they will go hungry :-)

Lynn said...

Awww, cute baby birds, we have 2 finch nests in our garage and it is loud! Love the mystery quilt, every time you show it I notice something else I like about it!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Your quilting looks amazing!! Love the video of the cute!