Thursday, May 5, 2011

Sore fingers

It's never a bad moment to show off baby photos.  SIL and Stardust catching some rays.

And look at that tiny hand going for the gold already.  That's my girl!  LOL

Mom has been working on a selvage quilt.  Pretty neat!!

This is why I have to constantly wipe the front window.  You'd think it was a busy street, not a private road.  Sheesh.

Saturday I left The Tramp alone to putter with wood and tools and took in the local spring festival.  The quilt guild had a booth selling raffle tickets for the opportunity quilt.

Vendors as far as the eye could see, lots of fun for the kids, several stages with music, and plenty of Earth Day goodness.  The bag monster must have been pretty hot under all that plastic!  And that pirate looked like Davie Bowie with one striking blue eye and one dark eye!

It is a statue?  Nope.  Every once in a while she played her drum and looked around.  Pretty spooky when she was so still.

Kathie and Cordula had their first booth with their lovely hand dyed scarves.

It seemed like I walked for miles!!!

These two monochromatic blocks for the Karolina Kwilters block swap are in the mail.

And I finally mailed these two Hallowistmas blocks to Tonya.

And (drum roll please) the big mystery quilt top is finished!!  Yay!  The darned thing is HUGE.  It's completely covering our king sized bed and the hope chest.  I've run out of places in the house to lay it out so I can see it!  :-)

And looky!  The colors are almost a perfect match to the wall hanging my mom made.  How cool!  (Ugh.  I still have to paint those walls!)

I took it with me to Cathy's studio to purchase the batting for it and she had plenty of space for me to lay it out for a photo.  :-)

Then I got the backing put together and got it ready for basting.  I re-watched Sharon Schamber's basting videos on Youtube and dragged The Tramp out to Lowes for the long boards.

Then I had to find enough tables to hold the 10ft of boards and quilt!  It took three, and two of them are propped up on cookbooks to get it all level.  I used the herringbone basting stitch per Sharon's instructions.

It was pleasant working in front of the view.  Good thing too.  It took hours and hours!

The birds and I kept an eye on each other.  :-)

And it's finished!  Phew!  My fingers are sore. 

This evening The Tramp messed with the speed limiter we built to see if we could get it working a bit better.   On Sunday I asked my dad to explain to me how the potentiometer worked.  I knew he could.  He said it was all part of the radio theory he taught in Montreal during WWII in the Royal Canadian Air Force.  When I was growing up he was always building something electronic.  I don't think much of it rubbed off on me.  Only the sewing stuck.  Heh.  Gosh, when we were in high school my brother built a huge color TV!  Anybody remember Heathkits?  :-)


Heera said...

Your grandbaby is so cute and your daughter is beautiful.

I love your new mystery quilt. Can't wait to see when it is quilted and finished.

Bonnie said...

Wow! What a post. Lots of things happening or your saving up! Yes, I remember Heathkits... never used one. Love your giant quilt. How are you going to quilt it? By hand? By domestic? And, some long armers will baste your quilts for you for a fairly reasonable amount. (now that you've done the hand basting.

Lovely little grand baby. Go for the gold has real meaning here! Thanks for all your sharing.

Lynn said...

Beautiful pictures of your new granddaughter. So tiny. The mystery quilt is beautiful. I really love the center part. Your mother's selvage quilt is awesome!

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Your quilt is stunning!! I love the colours and how they really sing!

I use the Sharon method of basting too...great method and far better than crawling around on the floor!

Beth said...

I have missed out on so much with you this year. Loving the quilt, and the baby is awesome!