Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Before I get reminded I thought I'd better post something!  :-)

Let me see.....   I've been working on the dahlia blocks.  The petals are appliqued on the first block and it's waiting for the center circle.  It's a bit weird to work on because the lavender is a light poly-cotton and some of the star points are knits backed with interfacing.

Charlie was becoming a bit too territorial about his cage so it was a good time to rearrange the inside and make him some new toys.

We also switched the positions of the cages and the china cabinet.  Even though his wings are clipped I was uncomfortable with him being so close to the back door.  If he got out there he could climb a tree in a flash!

The wild birds are eating us out of house and home.....as well as the raccoon.  (Sigh.)  I finally managed to get a photo of the downy woodpecker.

And three crows on the streetlamp.   I am easily amused.  :-) 

Today however, I got very excited when a big woodpecker-looking bird suddenly appeared at the suet.  Oh MY!   Of course the camera was nowhere in sight.  I grabbed my binoculars and my book and determined it was a male yellow-shafted northern flicker.  So gorgeous!  There was no doubt about it being the yellow-shafted version.  When it flew it's underside was bright yellow.  Pictures here.   It made my day!

We've had snow Sunday night!  Not much was left out front in the early morning.  The Carolina sun took care of it very fast.  (Shooting into the sun gave me that strange purple reflection.)

The snow lasted a bit longer out back.

Dog TV is on!

I wonder what she thinks about when she sits and stares into space.

Another t-shirt quilt done.

Kathie and I are going to a retreat with Karen Eckmeier in a couple of weeks and we had a great time shopping for our fabrics at Wish Upon A Quilt. We had so many bolts pulled out for consideration that the whole store got involved, customers included.  We are in a group of people testing the pattern for Karen's new Wearable Waves book.  Very exciting!  Choices, choices.  Well looky here....my original pink palette has morphed into something more purple.  :-)

My Christmas cacti that bloom at Thanksgiving and Easter bloomed for Valentine's Day.  I wonder how many more holidays I can get out of them!  (Anything but Christmas apparently.)

In preparation for Mom and Dad's imminent move, we're still listing furniture on Craigslist, both theirs and ours.  Tonight we sold our Ikea bedroom furniture (Yay!) which will be replaced with items from Mom and Dad's.

Of course stripping one room always means trashing another.  Sigh.

Also this week we went to The Clayton Center to see Ladysmith Black Mambazo.  The 600 seat auditorium is a nice intimate setting and clearly everyone really wanted to be there.  The group puts on a lively show and we all participated.  If they come your way, go and see them!

Today I finally put the borders on this Jelly Roll 1600 top.  This evening I was marking arcs on it with the metal measuring tape pinned to the design wall.  That is until all my blue marking pens wore out.  Tomorrow I'll get some more.  :-)

And last....I couldn't resist this pretty scene at the front window.  The camera did a good job, even through the screen.  :-)

I had a lovely little video of mist on the pond but it's been rejected, darn it.  Next time....if I can figure out why.


Lynn said...

I love the dahlia block. So cute the way the dogs watch their "tv". Those suet feeders bring all sorts of birds, especially different woodpeckers and bluebirds.

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Nice update :-) I love the picture of the dogs looking out the window...too cute.