Tuesday, February 14, 2012

While all around me are sleeping....

Actually I should be sleeping.  I was up a large part of last night with a sick dog.  (Poor Ngaire.)  I slept most of the morning instead and was so out of sorts this afternoon I figured I shouldn't work on anything I could damage!  :-)  So I did some catch up sewing on My Town.  The Tramp found a Julian calendar for me so I will know what day of the year it is.  Yikes!  Today is day 44 and the last house I made was #29! 

So while I sewed and The Tramp did whatever he does at his computer, we had a movie on, and when I looked around the dogs were pretty much comatose.  :-)  I'm assuming Ngaire finds that odd position comfortable.

 Yep.  Eyes tight shut. 

 Nothing bothers Maisy.  She sleeps with full concentration. 

During a hot flash I had testily tossed my cardigan on the floor behind me and Ivy found it.

 Also eyes tight shut.  Usually the camera disturbs them!

So we have house #30.  Is that Benjamin Bunny?  Mom?  Anyone?  I guess I'll find out tomorrow at bee.  :-)

#31  Grand #2 with his Spiderman face paint.  He's just the cutest!

#32  Grand #3 (NZ)  His mom has been sending us short videos.  Yesterday it was one of him having the best time jumping on a trampoline with other children.  Love it!

#33  The lovebirds, LZF and ED.  I heart.  :-)

#34   ESD (Evil Stepdaughter) on one of her visits to the US.  Now and then she sends me some New Zealand fabrics.  I have a quilt in mind I'm saving them up for.  None of them are really appropriate for my houses.....but maybe I should look at them again!  Hmmmmm.

#35  When Dad retired he got interested in woodworking.  Among other things he built several wonderful grandfather clocks, one of which is mine, lucky me.  :-)  That sun/moon in the doorway reminds me of the images on some clock dials.

#36  Isn't he supposed to change in a phone booth???

#37  My sweet Ivy.  She poses so prettily.

#38  Poyla!  I love this photo of him.  The full photo is over in the sidebar.  I assume it was taken in NYC.  I'll have to ask!  (No significance to the "moo" fabric, I just don't have very many black and whites!)

#39  And we have bugs.  Not sure why.  We just do.  :-)

That's all folks!  Goodnight.


Heera said...

Wow you are fast and productive even with so little sleep. Hope your Ngaire is fine.I love those little houses you make.

Bonnie said...

I still love your little houses. Someday, maybe I'll make some. I also tend to get up when I can't sleep... but I never sew... I'd probably cut off a finger tip. I try reading to send me back asleep. I hate it when I do this as I usually get into the book and forget I want to get back to sleep... sigh. Lots of wonderful pics on your blogs recently. Thanks for sharing.

Katherine D. Stein said...

The Dahlia blocks turned out beautiful!!!!