Thursday, February 2, 2012

The housing market is booming again!

Well not really.  I wish.

Anyway, I've had some catching up to do with the Building Houses from Scraps project.  Five more houses are done for a total of 22.  I'm only about 10 behind!

#18  The mother-in-law?  Noooo.  The Tramp would never say his MIL is witchy.  Quite the opposite I think.  :-)   In this photo Mom was modeling my purple witch's hat she was going to wear to the senior housing complex they visit all the time.  The fabulous news is, this week they were given a move-in date!  Hooray!  They've waited for so long.  The apartment is being totally refurbished to their specifications and they move in next month.  We are all very excited.

#19  Charlie needs a house too!  Today as I listened to iTunes and painted (and painted and painted and painted)  in the kitchen, I noted he was particularly animated during the Bach Passacaglia (and Fugue) in C minor.   Hmmmmmm.

#20  Yet another house for The Tramp.  Note that he is wearing a bright pink tie!  LOL  You can see that photo on the side bar.  This was back in New Jersey.  We had just arrived home from an engagement party and first job was to take the chihuahuas out for a "walk."  I love it.  It looks like I sent my bodyguard out to walk my frou-frou dogs.  :-)

#21  Some how swirls and bubbles and starfish seem to be just right for Eldest Daughter.

#22  Grand #3.  Snips and snails and puppy dog tails!


Lorraine said...

Love your houses!! Great colours...and the MIL in her witches hat is priceless!

Heera said...

Very cute houses. I love them.

Lynn said...

I love these houses, how clever you are to personalize them with your photos.