Monday, August 22, 2011

Dog days of summer

Family is beating me up for not posting!  Help!  LOL   Really though, it's just been a lazy time.  The very hot weather was getting me down and I didn't feel like I had anything to share.  This is a good week though!  The weather isn't so awfully hot (is that autumn I see at the end of the tunnel???) and we've had visitors. 

Maisy spends most of her time somewhere or other sleeping....and snoring loudly.  Especially when her nose is pressed up against the wall.  :-)  This is of course when she isn't eating, chasing her tail or annoying the other dogs or hanging around the parrot cage waiting for tidbits to be thrown at her.  

The Sailor son and the grands were here overnight and now my brother and his family are here.  The newest grand will be here at the end of the week!  :-D  I've finished her (first) quilt.  It just needs the label.   Yes it has skulls on it.....which I found with the nursery fabrics along with the coordinating lavender dots.  My SIL said something about finding cute skull things for her so I went looking for something to fit the theme and was amazed to find it.  I went with a disappearing 9-patch pattern.  I personally think it's a bit dull, not enough bright colors, but The Tramp told me to stop fussing, he likes the effect.  I do like the peace and love flannel I found for the backing though.  And it's all just for fun anyway.  :-)

Hard to see, but the latest picture of grand #4 features her in a pink outfit with a skull on the front.  So I think her daddy is going to like the quilt too.  :-)

We may get a little excitement from Hurricane Irene.   I hope it doesn't upset travel plans!

Grands #1 and #2 were a joy as usual.  I had my rowing machine set up in the living room and the boys found it intriguing.  First they rode with daddy.

Then experimented by themselves.

I set it on the lightest setting and they quickly figured out how to row by themselves!

We had lunch at Bob Evans.

Had fun at the train store and book store, and then went to the park.  This park has a wonderful long sea serpent poking up out of the ground.  It was too hot to climb on in the middle of the day though.  We clambered all over the play structures, slid down the "fides" and then went on to the "fwings", much of which was carefully situated in the shade....thank goodness.

"Fwing high Daddy!"

Grand #1 called this large swing "the couch".  I assume it is intended for handicapped children as this was the school-age playground, not the preschool area.  Grand #2 loved it and giggled the whole time.  :-)

Oh to be young.   :-)

They are absolutely charming little boys and I get to see them next weekend too!  Woot!


Lynn said...

Hi Katie! You sound busy with all the grandchildren, lucky you. Love the baby quilt, I'm glad that you found the skull fabric you were looking for. Awww, I used to take my kids to that playground!

Jenny said...

Hi Katie

Looks like you had a whole lot of family fun!!

So pleased that you are blogging again.