Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Jelly what???

Yesterday I spotted this link on someone's weblog.  (I forget who.  Yikes!  I'm sorry.)  Jelly races!  In which you make "Jelly Roll 1,600 Quilts."  What fun!  So today I had a race with myself.

 And I won!!

Yes, I know.  I used a Bali Pop rather than a Jelly Roll.  It's called a Jelly Roll 1,600 because when you string the whole lot together in one hugely long strip it's 1,600 inches long.  If you think better in feet that's 133.33 feet.  Or 44.44 yards.  (Metric thinkers...you're on your own.)  The first seam is a doozy.  800 inches (66 feet, 22 yards)!  So when they say start with a full bobbin....they mean it.  :-)  And as I'm stitching away I'm thinking, "Wow, I am using a lot of thread!"  Then came the "DUH."  Just because it's loooong seams it doesn't mean I'm using more thread.  Sheesh.  It's not good when my mind wanders.  So I put a movie on.


Heera said...

What a novel idea! I feel like rushing to my local quilt store to get me a roll or two. Yours looks really good. Is that a finished quilt top or do you plan to give it borders? Can't wait to see what you are going to come up with.

Liam said...

40,640mm, or 4,064cm, or 40.64m or .04064km :-)

beaquilter said...

yay, I made one too, but I sort of make my own color coordinated jelly rolls, and let's just say it didn't look THAT great, I donated it though.... also maybe a straight seam instead? I can't remember which one I did, yours look great though!

Bonnie said...

Yes, your jelly roll was definitely a winner when you finished your 1600 quilt. Some day I'm taking a bunch of strips and doing this -- I don't generally buy jelly rolls. I recently read that someone did the same with 3.5" strips that she cut. It would go together a bit faster and make a bigger quilt. I want to do some kids quilts this way just haven't gotten to it yet.

The balis were a brilliant idea.