Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's HOT!

Record high temps around here and tomorrow and Saturday they are speculating if we will hit an all time high of 105. Ouch! So gardening and walking are out of the question.  I think it's even too hot for the mosquitoes.  I actually made it to the mailbox and back without a bite.  :-)

We've been hibernating inside in the air conditioning, away from the heat and unhealthy air quality.  I think it's been dragging me down.  I've been so tired!  The good news is that yesterday The Tramp and I joined the local Y.  Today I went to swim laps.  It was so nice to be back in the water again!  30 laps.  :-)  Slow laps (very), but I made it to 30.  And I'm sure I'll feel it later.  I know it probably sounds silly, but I'm enjoying sitting here smelling a bit like sunshine and pool. (I did take a shower!)  Tomorrow morning I have an appointment to learn about and sign up for Mobile Fit.  Now I've found the website I think I'd better read up on it this evening.  :-)

While in hibernation I've been able to get quite a bit done up in The Sandbox.  To begin with, we rearranged the room.  This is after we bought some bookcases on Craigslist and set them up along the wall in our bedroom so we could finally (it's only been 10 months) get the books out of boxes and onto shelves.  That required moving all but one piece of furniture in the bedroom, to say nothing of lugging the boxes.  Also wiping down the bookshelves out in the pouring rain and hauling them upstairs.  But I like it!  The books give a nice and cozy feeling to the room. 

Now all the rearranging is done, The Tramp has been following the announcements of neat new stuff from Apple, fixing my dad's iMac, and wrestling with the new OS X Lion.  I get to listen to him muttering away about what's different and what doesn't work as expected.  He doesn't dare put Lion on my machine yet because he knows it will make me crazy, therefore make him crazy.  :-)  I think he'll wait until they get the bugs out first.

I've finished three t-shirt quilts and have a couple more waiting.  One of them was 36 shirts!  Huge!  And heavy.  I can only wonder how heavy it will be after layering and quilting.

I finished the Swartz Creek Scrap Quilt top from Pepper Cory's class at Symposium this year.  It's majorly random and scrappy and I love it!  It's a lap quilt for me. I bought a nice soft flannel for the backing.

Love it, love it, love it.  Most of the fabrics are thrifted clothing and some the fabrics Pepper Cory gave me during class in exchange for letting her pick through my shirtings.  Pepper picked a Kaffe scrap out of my stash as the inspirational fabric so I've used it for the border.  And the inner border is a Kaffe shot cotton.  Weird fabric.  It came out of the dryer limp and totally crumpled, and it frays like nobody's business.  But it's pretty!

I also finished this top from Kim Deihl's class at the 2010 Symposium in Charlotte.  The buttonhole stitching took a while!  I love how bright it is.  Now I have to think about how to quilt it.

Nothing much disturbs Maisy while she's in her sunbeam.  :-)

Stardust has had her three-month photo shoot.  She's getting big!  And is starting to look like her daddy too.  Mommy's eyes in the first picture and a very Daddy expression in the third one. 

Mom has finished the flying geese row on her mystery quilt.  I still have to do mine.

And at bee, Nancy revealed her gorgeous retreat quilt from 2009.  The back is so pretty too!  Sigh.  I need to start working on mine again.

Can't you just hear Maisy, letting out a big sigh and saying, "Oh all right.  I'll be your pillow....again.  Just tell Ivy to stop kicking me in the head!"


Jenny said...

You certainly have been busy sewing. Three tee shirt quilts with a couple more to make, you say? Are you making them for your family?

Bonnie said...

Congratulations on all the creativity happening at your house. The t shirt quilts look great and wow, they are heavy! Love the baby pictures -- she is growing. Bookcases? what are those? Most of our books are steaming away in the attic. No room for bookcases downstairs. Of course, quilt books and most of my paperbacks are in the studio.

Patchwork Penguin said...

Wow!! You've gotten a lot accomplished!!! It's hot up here too.. can't wait for autumn.

Jeanne Turner McBrayer said...

Lots of pretty quilts, but I especially like the Kim Diehl one.