Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What next?

Today turned out to be an interesting day.  First thing this morning it looked like Hurricane Irene was heading directly for central North Carolina.  Yikes!  Mom and I went to quilting bee, where of course we chatted about the hurricane and our preparations.   The Sailor Son called to say we may not see him again this weekend since the ship may be sent out to sea to ride out the storm.  As the forecasted storm track has moved a bit eastward, pretty much directly towards Norfolk, I suspect he's right.

Hurricane Irene : 5 Day Forecast Map : Weather Underground

We've also heard from Middle Daughter and I'm beginning to doubt we'll get to see Stardust this weekend either.  :-( But you never know!

As The Tramp and I made our shopping list for storm supplies, all of a sudden the floor started shaking, the windows rattling, and the dogs went nuts.  Charlie's playstand shook and swayed.

The lampshade on my desk rattled loudly.

And I kind of freaked.  Earthquake!  If you're not used to it, it's a pretty weird sensation.

It was over as soon as it started, so....we went out to do our shopping.  Since we couldn't reach anyone by phone, the texts started flying between family members up and down the east coast.  Most of us had felt the tremors and all wanted to check in on the others.  The Tramp, who comes from the land of earthquakes (New Zealand, The Shaky Isles ), thought our mild hysteria was pretty amusing.  Show off!  Anyway, after our shopping trip, we are now prepared for the hurricane season, the November tornadoes I read about every year, and who'd have thunk.....possibly an earthquake.  Sheesh!

The Tramp, at great personal risk to his sanity, pointed out some "hurricane apps" for my phone.  Woot!  Of course I downloaded them.  You can't have enough weather apps....can you???

Ah well.  I think it was indeed enough excitement for one day.  The dogs certainly think so.  You can see it in their eyes.  "Stop it with the camera already.  Isn't it bedtime?"

Oh!  The Tramp has reminded me that we saw an awesome dust devil today as we were driving home.  It was several feet wide, about 15 feet high, and traveled along the sidewalk for at least 50 yards.  Now that got him excited!  :-)  Like I said.  What next?


Jenny said...

How scary for you, that was quite some earthquake wasn't it! AS I understand, EQs are not so common on the western side of USA, am I right?

And you have to worry about Hurricane Irene and a dust devil as well. All a bit much by the sound of it.

Bonnie said...

Katie -- you missed the big aftershock at a little after 8. It was about 4.2 or so. Hubby and I were busy answering emails or on facebook. I looked up and said, another earthquake. He said yep and we both went back to typing. Yawn. Glad to see I'm not the only one who isn't getting any quilting done these days.

Your grands look like they are great fun. We celebrate 1st bd of only grand this weekend. Hopefully rain from Irene will hold off until after the party Sat.

Lynn said...

Uh-oh I better go get batteries other hurricane things. Clean out the coolers, maybe a bag or two of ice, clean out the fridge ahead of time, do laundry ahead also. I've learned these lessons the hard way. A dust devil!?! where was that?

Sew Create It - Jane said...

Wow--what excitement.

Hope you are staying safe either way!

Jenny said...

Oops, seems I have confused my east and west in my earlier comment, sorry about that. But wherever they happen, earthquakes can be so dangerous and very scary.